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The era of the Volvo hot hatch is near..

Volvo’s transformation continues from mild-mannered family conveyance to main-stream performance car with the roll-out of more Drive-E powertrains across the range. Specifically the V40;…


Zenos Cars sets up shop in the U.S.

Since the company was launched last Autumn they’ve been inundated with requests to sell their ultra-lightweight E10 sports car in the States. Its combination…


ROAD 37: Citroën DS Special

Citroën has always been a quirky, distinctly Gallic car manufacturer – offering something design-led, daring and different from its competitors. And we applaud them…

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Super Bowl 48: The pre-game reckoning

As in previous years, automotive brands will be competing hard for our attention during Super Bowl weekend, but the real prize for advertisers starts…