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Adam Beason was born in the Los Angeles area.  His full name is Adam David Beason. He is a producer and a writer who is known for the Last Man Standing, The Ranger and The B-Ring. His wife was Catherine Bell and they divorced in 2012 and they had two children.  He made appearances on the show of his wife called JAG that was being aired in the 1995.  He met with his wife when she was appearing on nude body double of Isabella Rossellini in the movie death becomes her. He was a director assistant of Robert Zemeckis during that time.  His first child, a daughter called Gemma was born in the year 2003 and his son Ronan was born in 2010 with Catherine Bell.  The two got married in the year 1994.

Adam Beason was born in the year 1969, in the United States; Los Angeles. His height is 6 feet, 2 inches.  It is hard to know his net worth since most information that is available online is about his relationship with Bell and not about himself. Her net worth is over 35 million dollars.

Catherine is an English born actress, was born in 1969 and she is over 46 years.  Her mother was a nurse called Emmy and her father was Peter Bell who was an architect. When her parents divorced, she went to live in US with her mother. She went to St Paul’s School where she learned how to snowboard and to sky.  At the beginning, she was doing biology with UCLA since she wanted to be a doctor but during her studies she did the photo shoots for the cover photos for magazines and this is when her interest changed. Catherine was born in the religious family since she is Jew by birth. She has two nationalities for American and England.  When she started to model, she got the job to work in Japan for 4 months. She started to play when she was the double of Isabella Rossellini and she had to show her butt for a certain time. Her major role was to play in NBC show where she was Sarah McKenzie before the show got cancelled.  Other roles she had is to play in Amy Wives which was filmed in Charleston sc, Good Witch, Good Witch’s Garden,  The Good Witch’s Gift, The Good Witch’s Family, The Good Witch’s Charm, The good Witch’s Destiny and The Good Witch’s Wonder.

On 21, Dec in 2015, Adam Beason announced through his twitter account that he had a show in at Fork in the Alley in Roanoke at 10:00pm. Some of his photos together with ex-wife can still be found online and they say that they continue to be good friends even after the divorce.


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