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Alex Wagner was born in 1977 and she is a liberal political commentator and a host for America television. She is an anchor for "Now with Alex Wagner": a daytime program of MSNBC. She was born and also raised in the city of Washington D.C. Her mother is Tin Swe Thant, she is an immigrant from the Myanmar and she became American when she got married to Alex Wagner’s father. Her father is called Carl Wagner and he is of Irish and German descent. He is a political consultant for Democratic Party and he was a co-chair of the presidential campaign of Bill Clinton.

Alex Wagner attended Woodrow Wilson High school and she graduated in Brown University in the year 1999. She did the art history with literature. She grew up as Roman Catholic.

When she started to work, her career was not within the media industry and she had worked like the cultural correspondent of Center for American Progress. She liked culture and music at the start and was covering culture and music around the entire world. She was the Chief Editor for The Fader magazine and she was also an executive director. She was the director for a non for profit organizations that works for women and human violations.

Alex Wagner had appeared like a political commentator and like an anchor for the MSNBC of 2011. She had a great moment when she worked in the white house when she was the correspondent for the Politics today. She dated Sam Kass who works as the personal chef for President Obama and she told the public that she is her boyfriend. They are spotted together many times. She is tall with 5 feet with 8 inch height. She has beautiful legs. Even if she is in her late 30s, she is still attractive and beautiful. She is simple with a hot smile. She has many fans around the country and from abroad. Kass and Alex Wagner got married in 2014 in Stone Barns at Blue Hill. President Obama and all the family members were at the wedding since they like Sam Kass as their own family member. Alex and Sam live in Brooklyn and Sam still works for Obama family.

Alex Wagner is settled and she has a good career with good salary in MSNBC. She is getting 400,000 dollars for her shows. She is also working with other companies which mean that she is getting income from different places. She is believed to have a net worth of 3 million dollars. This consists of the apartment and the investment in different stock market. She is beautiful and she leads a quality lifestyle. She is found on many social media. She gets huge attention from her fans. She gained more popularity when Obama attended her wedding since it is rare to see top politicians attending wedding of ordinary people. Her pictures are available online on the Instagram and on Twitter. Her wedding pictures are the most searched pictures about her. Alex Wagner says that she is progressive and she wishes that the US constitutions can pass through the second amendment.


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