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Alex Witt is intellectual and beautiful and was born in 1961. At her age, she was able to achieve many things from the money, appreciation, fame and controversies. She had been born in France and Dr Charles B. Witt is her father. He works as a thoracic surgeon of Los Angeles. She studied in Marlborough School for Girls in the Los Angeles and at the University of Southern California. She did the major in International relations and in Journalism.

Alex Witt is among the well known news anchor in all America. She is looked up by young people who consider her to be a role model since she is considered to be an icon. She is always happy and also polite. She started her TV career in 1990 and from this time, she is successful and she has a good history in her career. Her first job was in California where she worked in Today like a field producer. She started her on-air career with KCBA. She had also worked for KCBS-TV, KABC-TV and KNBC-TV.

Alex Witt is well known news anchor and she is also the host of a MSNBC program called Weekend with Alex Witt. She joined this network since 1999. In 2008, she started to work together with Fred Grandy who is a former congressman where she became the co-host of the Retirement Living TV at Daily Café.

Alex Witt’s husband is Bill Sorensen who is a TV producer. They have two children together, a daughter called Caroline with the son called Charlie. She had said that she has some family relations with George Washington. She is the second cousin for the seven generation to George Washington by the relationship she has with Bailey Washington who is the cousin to President Washington. She is a member in National Society of the Washington Family descendants. When, Alex was 37, she became a member of a rock band with her friends, Lisa Cibelli, Pam Dejager and Christie Moran. They group was called Mrs Robinson. She said that she joined the group since it was defying the stereotype of what women of her age were supposed to do. She continued saying that it was a release which let her be able to escape the reality of her everyday life and to engage in something else.

In 2009, when Alex Witt was waiting for the renewal of her contract, she had some financial issues and her husband was not working during that period. It was said that she had to borrow 65,000 dollars from a friend called Mrs Jones. The loan was supposed to be repaid with an interest of 7.5 percent. She was supposed to pay back the loan at the late of 500 dollars every month. Mrs Jones had to take her to the court saying that she failed to repay the loan and she was spending the money on the expensive vacation and on the new cars. Alex Witt said that her husband during that time, had a temporary job and he bought her a Porsche but when the job stopped, she had to give away the car again.


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