Alina Cho

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Alina Cho is a journalist in America and she was born in 1971 in USA, Washington City. Her parents are immigrant from the South Korea. She did the studies at the Medill School of Journalism and went to Boston College where she graduated in the year 1994. She did a bachelor level at the North Western University and graduated after majoring in the Journalism. She has American nationality. She was born to Christian parents and this means that she followed their religion

Alina Cho is tall with 5.5 feet height. She maintains her body well and she is among the hottest TV personal. She has an athletic body. Since her job requires her to be always on shape, she maintains her body through taking healthy food and exercising. She has a body measurement of 33-27-35 inches for the breast, waist and hips. She likes to wear short dresses that expose her beautiful legs and she looks always sexy. She has brown eyes with black straight hair.

Even if Alina Cho is a public figure, she is reserved when it comes to the personal life she leads. It is not known about the relationship status if she was dating any person or if she has a boyfriend. Since it is not clear if she is married or not, there is also no question about being divorced. She does not have any child.

Alina Cho started her career when she worked for Chicagoland TV. Afterwards she worked for many news channels. She has a passion and she contributed a great deal towards her work. She is respected and she is admired by many people. She worked at WFTS-TV in Florida and at ABC News TV. She is passionate about her job and she is ready to work for any type of the task that is put before her.

Alina Cho is now working for CNN since 2008. She got many awards that show how successful she is in her career. In 1996, she was given an Emmy Award because of the coverage she did about the riots of St Petersburg. She got another award when she covered Katrina Hurricane and got a Peabody award for the 9/11 coverage. She has a net worth of 3 million dollars and she does have a large number of the fans that follow her on the social media.

Alina Cho had to leave CNN after working there for 10 years and she was working most of the time in as fashion correspondent of CNN where she hosted the half-hour special about the industry. While leaving, she thanked CNN for the opportunity she was given. She said that she got a seat on the front row when she was on the Military Parades in the North Korea for the presidential election and on at Paris runway. She started to work for CNN after a stint she did at the ABC News which is an affiliate of the CNBC in Chicago and at Tampa. She said that she is passionate about fashion and she will work in the fashion industry even in the future.


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