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Alison Kosik is journalist in America and she is a correspondent of CNN business at New York Stock Exchange. She was born in Florida and she attended the Nova High school. She did the bachelor of the Arts degree in the Broadcast Journalism and in the Political Science at The American University of Washington DC.  She got the Scripps Howard New Media Fellowship at the University of Columbia in the year 2001. She got Florida AP award for 1999 since she was the Best Sport News of 1993.

Alison Kosik has a face which is well known on the American Television. She follows a Jewish religion and she has many followers for her program.  When she started with her career, she was a journalist and worked for Sinclair Broadcast Group and Hearst Argyle. Alison Kosik worked for many channels and many networks. She worked for like a business correspondent. Because of the talent she showed, she was then hired to work for CNN.  Other channels which she has worked for are WFLX-TV and WPEC-TV with others. She did cover important news in her tenure and she interviewed famous people around worldwide.

Regardless of how many years she has, she still looks vibrant and young. She has the best dressing code and she presents herself professionally always. She maintains her figure through balanced diet and regular exercises.

Even if the name of her husband is not known, it is said that Alison Kosik was married once but the marriage did not last long and they separated.  She also married Pat Bergeson but this marriage also led to the divorce. Afterwards she married Adam Huckett and they seem happy together. They got a daughter together who is called Daisy Mae Huckett.

Alison Kosik covered the financial sector for the recession of 2007 together with the downfall of the Lehman Brothers.  She gave the reports on the home foreclosure waves, the 2010 flash crash with the 2009 stimulus plan of 2009. She was a reporter for the CNN Newssource and CNN about the Connecticut mass killing in the 2010.

Before she started to work for the CNN, Alison Kosik was working like an investigative reporter of WCBS-TV in the New York for special unit. She had also worked like an anchor and a reporter for the Sinclair Broadcast. While working for the in the Washington DC, she was covering for the energy policy and energy sector with the politics of the energy sector at the Capitol Hill. Kosik is the reporter and a fill-in for Florida WFLX-TV and WPEC-TV.  

While hosting Early Start, Alison Kosik was not able to hide her laugh on the comment done by Hillary Clinton about the Clintons’ wealth. Hillary said that they are not as well off as other people and they still pay for their income taxes.  Such insinuation made Kosik to laugh loudly in the studio. At one time, Hillary said that she and her husband were dead broke when they left White House, but many people do not believe this.


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