Amanda Drury

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Amanda Drury also nicknamed Mandy Drury is a news anchor of CNBC and a journalist from Australia. She is a business programmer in the New York and she hosts finance related news. She co-hosts Street Signs and she had appeared for many CNBC shows since she is an expert in the business and finance.

Amanda Drury’s birthplace is in Australia. She went to Methodist Ladies’ College in Melbourne where she graduated in the year 1990.  She got her degree in the fine arts, French and Japanese at University of Melbourne. She did attend Australian Film, Television and Radio School.

Amanda Drury worked first in international relations in Japan. She started the broadcasting career in the radio before she switched to the TV in Tokyo for Bloomberg. She started to work at CNBC since 2001 and worked for 8 years in the Asia Pacific headquarter found in Singapore.  She worked at the headquarter in 2009 and she was then transferred to New Jersey in 2010.  When she went to USA, her first work was to co-anchor; The Call and she had appeared at many CNBC segments and shows.  She is a co-presenter for The call and in March 2011, she got to the finals of Asian Television Awards of 2007-2008 for the Best News Presenter category. She has her own show at 2pm and she is the co-hosts of the Street Signs program which is a program for business news on television. Other show she co-hosted is Cash Flow and Asia Squawk Box.

Amanda Drury is tall with beautiful and attractive body. Her husband is Tim Drury, who is said that he is a business man and they got two boys together who are twins. There is no rumor about any divorce in the past and she dated none else than her husband. Anyone who wants to be updated about her can follow her on Instagram or on Magazines.

Amanda Drury typical day starts by taking her children to school on a scooter and she goes to the studio to prepare for her show. She then goes up to pick up the children and she heads home in order to prepare the dinner. She normally wake up at 6;30 am and take her caffeine to jolt herself at 7:am. At 8:45, she is already at her job and she has to choose the dress to wear from the CNBC wardrobe. At 9: am, she has to be prepared for the day by hair stylist and a makeup artist. At 9:30am, the team for the Street Signs meets for the brainstorming and to map out how the show will take place. Before going to sleep, she takes time to view some movie with her sons.

ForAmanda Drury, appearance matters and she said that she was treated differently when she had a black eye from the skiing accident. She says that she gets different look when she has jeans, plain face, glasses or pulled-back hair. Everyone expects her to have always screen makeup, poufed out hair, high heels and tight dress.


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