Amy Goodman

Amy Goodman is the award-winning journalist and hot of the popular current affairs TV show- Democracy day. The 58 year old columnist is also a famous writer and an investigative broadcaster of excellent reputation.

Amy Goodman’s Biography and profile details

Amy Goodman has become one of the most popular radio and Television host in the world today, She has also written several books, and one of such is the 2009 masterpiece- Breaking The Sound Barrier. She was born on the 13th of April 1957  in Bay Shore, New York, United States of America, and her earlier journalism career  included her role in the Oil giant- Chevron corporation in Nigeria, and The Independence Movement organization in East Timor.

Amy Goodman has won several awards in her entire journalism career and thee include; The 2004 Thomas Merton Award , and the 2009 Izzy Award for excellence in Independent media. Amy also won the “Gandhi peace award” for promoting International peace, in the year 2012. Any Goodman has written five books in total and those include ; Resistance, and Hope.  Amy was of Orthodox Jewish background, and for over a decade she has remained the director at the popular Pacifica Radio Station in New York city. Amy has also remained the news anchor of one of the most progressive news organization in the world – Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman has faced numerous challenges in her journalism career and one of such is the arrest of most of her colleagues when covering the 2008 National Republican convention where an anti-war protests outside the venue of the convention was being held- they were later released and even won a settlement. The Douglas border crossing incident in November 2009 was another highlight of Amy’s career where Canadian Immigration had to question and detained Amy while on her way for a meeting at the Vancouver Public Library.

Amy Goodman has received numerous International recognition, including the 1993 Robert. F . Kennedy International reporting prize. Amy is also popular among the Islamic community, in 2004 for instance, she received the World Islamic community award for Journalism- this was awarded to her by the Council of American –Islamic Relations.  Amy has also received numerous recognitions from the Academic communities; these include the 2014 Honorary Doctor of Letters degree at the prestigious Purchase College- she got this in recognition of her progressive journalism duties.

Amy Goodman’s career is not only about journalism, she has also been involved in a number of narrative movies and documentaries- In 2006, she narrated the movie “ One Bright Shining Moment”.  Since 1996 Amy Goodman has been a host on Democracy Now  and also did a documentary on the failed presidential  bid of George McGovern- a movie that went on to win the “Sarasota Film Festival Award” , for the best documentary feature. 

Amy Goodman currently resides in New York city with her husband and kids. Just like any other celebrity, Amy Goodman has also undergone numerous controversies and one of such is the speculation that she was bisexually oriented. 


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