Amy Robach

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Amy Joanne Robach was born in ST. Joseph, Michigan (United States) on February 6, 1973. She studied in “University of Georgia” “Broadcast Journalism”. She lived in Georgia, South Carolina, Washington D.C and then New York; she decided to participate in the beauty pageant as “Miss Georgia” in 1994.

She has worked at WTTG, NBC News, and ABC News where she is actually working as a correspondent in the famous show called “Good Morning America” since 2012.

Personal Life: 

Robach has been always a successful and decided woman. She got married to “Tim McIntosh” since 1996 until they got divorce at the age of 35 in 2008; two daughters were the result of the union, Ava which was born in 2002 and Analise who was born in 2006.

Then Robach decided to give herself a new opportunity in love, and she became engaged to Andrew Shue in 2009. They got married the same day of Robach’s birthday where she was turning 37, on February 6, 2010; his husband has three sons, Nate, Aidan and Wyatt, but she did not have problems when received them as their children just as he did with her daughters.

Even when they have 5 children from past marriages, they want to have children together as a married couple.


Robach, the actual anchor of the “Good Morning America” show was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. Even when it was a really though news she decided to fight for her life. She got a mastectomy, and she was that brave that she never hid anything about her illness; she was always telling their fans about the healing process and treatment.

She said she wanted to show other people her story to impact their lives since she was experimenting the struggles of having cancer in every area of her life.

Net Worth:

Robach has been a very brave woman, even when there have been a lot of troubles wanting to damage her career she has remained strong. She has been always a successful woman full of life, and her hard working attitude has given her great earnings; she actually has a net worth of 1.5 million dollars and her annual salary is of 300,000 dollars.


This woman always known as an inspiration for those who have battled with cancer is very popular among social networks. Her personal Instagram and twitter accounts have at least 78 thousand followers; She is always posting pictures about her career, family, personal and daily stuff.

Actual Life:

Robach lives with her husband and two daughters in Manhattan. Amy enjoys her job, and she really loves what she does, she demonstrated that when she was battling with cancer, she never gave up on her career. Even she went through that very hard moment she is still the same woman, full of life, sense of humor and humble.

She stated that every single thing in her life have been a blessing, even the “bad moments” taught her life lessons; she says she would not be the woman she is if she would not go through all of those dark nights, and that she’s prepared for the incoming “rainbows” in her life.


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