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Angelo Pagan is an actor. He is famous for his work in Dance with me (1998), Swordfish (2001) as well as A lost a Woman (2002). He is a family man having married Leah Remini on 19th July, 2003. The two have been blessed with one child. They have been together supporting each other in raising their 9 year old baby girl Sofia, just to give her the best that she can ever get.

We need to take a closer look at this Bronx local who fell head over heels in love for the on-screen character from Brooklyn.

1. Angelo Met Leah at a Nightclub

The two lovebirds met at a Cuban club and eatery in Hollywood called El Floridita.

They had a wedding in July 2003. This fantastic wedding got filmed for the famous VH1 special. During the wedding Remini's pledges, which were loaded with chuckles and tears, included,

Angelo I completely adore you. I adored you from the minute I saw you. From you, it took somewhat more. I adore your voice; I cherish your grin, your dimples. I'm desirous of your excellent skin. Also, how it simple it is for you to get in shape.

Pagan on the other hand replied with words to the effect that:

It's taken us very nearly eight years to arrive. Furthermore, now I'm at long last sure that you're not wedding me for my cash. Leah, I am with you today as the individual that you helped me get to be. I am humbled by your trustworthiness and touched by your liberality, and I'm awed by your uprightness.

2. Angelo doubles up as a singer

He was in a band called Salsa Caliente. The gathering performed on the club circuit.  At a certain point, he even opened for CC Music Factory.  In 2001, he discharged a collection, No Tengas Miedo.

3. Pagan was also one of the Guest Stars on 'Lord of Queens'

In a feature showcased on the sitcom, we see Pagan moving in Remini's character, Carrie's, dream.

In the sequence of the fantasy, her spouse Doug, played by Kevin James, kicks the bucket, and his specialist, played by Pagan, comforts her.

Altogether, Pagan was in six scenes as five unique characters. His imdb page is loaded with different TV parts.

4. He's a Reality Star

In a sneak peak feature for their new show, somebody tells Pagan, "Angelo, your wife has snapped." From the promo, we see their family life is never exhausting, loaded with chuckles, tears, embraces, and shouting.

Through it all, the solid relationship in between of Pagan and Remini comes out very clearly on screen.

This is not the first run through; Pagan has invited cameras into his life. Other than his wedding, the conception of his girl was likewise highlighted on VH1.

5. Pagan Owns a Diner in L.A.

In 1999, Pagan assumed control over the very popular restaurant Vivian's Millennium Cafe. Situated in Studio City, California, the coffee shop became one of the commercial features in the restaurant industry. 


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