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Anson Adams Mount IV was born in Mount Prospect, Illinois (United States) on February 25, 1973. Even when he was born in Illinois, he was raised in White Bluff, Tennessee.

His mother, a former professional golfer called Nancy Smith; his father used to contribute as an editor in "Playboy Magazine" called Anson Adams Mount  II.

Anson has an older brother, His name is Anson Adams III; and he has also a sister called Kristin who is from his father's side.

Mount's great grandfather was a colonel in the Civil War.


He went to Dickson country high school that was located in Dickson, Tennessee. Then he attended to University of the South where he was a member of "Lambda Chi alpha" Fraternity.

He went also to Columbia University.


Dickson is an American actor. One of his best debuts was when he played "Cullen Bohannon" In the "Hell on Wheels" AMC show; however it was not the only one.

Here there is a list with some of the Movies, TV Shows and series where he made his performance:

- "Urban Legends: final cut “as Toby Belcher
- "Tully" as Tully Coates Jr
- "Boiler Room" as Broker
- "Crossroads" as Ben Kimble
- "City By the sea" as Dave Simon
- "Pool hall Junkies" as Chris
- "The Battle of Shaker Heights" as Mine Weber
- "In her shoes" as Todd
- "All the boys love Mandy Lane" as Garth
- "Walk the talk" - as Larry
- "Hood of Horror" as Tax Jr
- "The two Mr. Kissels" as Robert Kissel
- "Ally McBeal" as Kevin Wah
- "Sex and the city" as Gregory
- "Smallville" as Paul Hayden
- "CSI:Miami" as Tony Macken
- "LOST" as Kevin
- "Law & Order" as Reverend  James Sterling
- "Red Widow" as Evan Walraven

Personal Life:

Anson's girlfriend is Wen Yi; they have not got married yet. There is no information about if he wants to marry her or not.

He is a very tall man, he is almost 1.85 meters. He is considered one of the sexiest men in the world; because of that, he has been requested several times to give shirtless scenes on magazines, movies and different shows.

He has also a lot of fans that love him not only because of his beautiful body but because of his talent. He is very famous on social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

He is a really good man; he loves his family and friends. 

He was bullied when he was a little child because he was too tall and his classmates though he was too big for his age. So they called him “The giant" and it was a really hard season for Him.

Then he started playing basketball, the sport that he always loved; be was very afraid of his classmates but at the same time he felt an inner strength that made him continue doing what he loved.

Since he was handsome, sportive and kind, all the girls went behind him, and the classmates that used to bully him were really ashamed of what they did to him.

The funny thing is that after that, they became friends and in fact they are friends even now after a lot of years.

Net worth:

Anson has a net worth of $3 million dollars.



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