Becky Hammon

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Becky Hammon is known as one of the first full time female coach in NBA history. She is a professional basketball player that retired on July 23rd 2014.

After the retirement, she started her coaching career. On number of occasion she was found to be involved in different discussions and meetings, she attended San Antonio Spurs' meetings . As a professional player she is known to be one of the toughest basketball players in NBA history. She is the only female that is offered to coach Spurs as a full time coach. She started her professional career on May 12th 1999. The first professional team that she joined New York Liberty. With the aggression in the play at the both ends, she got the attention of the New York Liberty fans and soon she became the permanent member of the team. New York Liberty replaced Weatherspoon as the point guard and the after the 2003 season she became the co-caption of the team.

She was born on March 11th 1977. She was brought up in Rapid City, South Dakota with one brother and a sister. At the teenage she loved playing basketball with her brother and father. She used to play basketball right after the school because basketball always inspires her. She also loved to go fishing with her family, but as she grew up, her focus shifted completely towards the basketball game.

She finished high school with Stevens High School. She was so passionate about the game that she earned the title of“South Dakota Miss Football“when she was a junior. She was unlucky to be part of the basketball team that lost in the finals. She was keen to peruse her career as a professional basketball player. She applied to all major universities and luckily got the scholarship from the Colorado State University.

In the year 1999 from Colorado State University, she got the bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports science.

The year 1998 and 1999 was the turning point of her career, she managed to get her university team to a 33-3 record. Not only this, she also got her team in the sweet sixteen in NCAA tournament held in the year 1999.

From 1999 onward, she represented different teams. She leads NWBL in 2003 during her first season on the basketball away from the University team. After playing for NWBL for a year she signed a contract with Colorado Chill that was recently added as a new team in NWBL.

She was not able to play for Colorado Chill for a longer period of time and she managed to represent her club for two games only because of the knee injury.

From 2005- 2007, her professional career reached to the highest level and 2000th career point with the WNBA.

It is interesting to note that she got a nickname just because of the way she played basketball Fans used to call her “ Big shot Becky” just because she got the capability to triumph shots in tense moments.


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