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Benjamin Bratt is an actor in America and he played Rey Curtis as a detective for the NYPD on the legal and the crime drama known as Law and Order. He had appeared in other movies such as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball, Blood in Blood Out, Catwoman, Demolition, Miss Congeniality, Despicable Me 2, La Mission, The Lesser Blessed and Pinero. He also played Dr Jake Reilly for the Private Practice drama on ABC and also as Steve Navarro at 24.

Benjamin Bratt’s birth place is San Francisco and he was nominated among the 50 Most Beautiful people for the year 1999. He maintains the ties to his background of native American from his mother He is activist in California area and he spent a long period playing in the Law and Order.

Benjamin Bratt is a third child in the family of five children. He was born in 1963 and he is a grandson to the actor of Broadway, George Bratt and her mother is a Peruvian Quechua born in Lima and went to United States when she was 14. His father was a sheet metal worker and he divorced his mother during the year 1968. His mother was an activist and she was participating in the Alcatraz Island’s take over. She was taking her children together with Benjamin to Alcatraz. He attended Lowell High School at San Francisco.

When Benjamin Bratt was growing, he was not interested in the acting but until he finished the college in 1986. He got honor for his University of California graduation. He went to the American Conservatory Theater in the San Francisco, but she was not able to complete his master’s program. He started his acting profession when he acted at Utah Shakespearean Festival. The first two pilots he did, Partners and Spies with Juarez and Lovers were not able to sell. However in the year 1998, he also starred in the Knightwatch which is a show that was short lived at the ABC. It was about the ex-gang leader who ended up becoming the anti-crime patrol leader. He played in Nasty Boys of NBC, another drama which did not pick up well. It was produced under Dick Wolf who is also the producer and the creator of Law and Order.

In the 1990, he started to act in the film roles like in the Bright Angel together with Chains of Gold where Joey Lawrence with John Travolta also starred. He was playing as a dangerous drug dealer. He had a supporting role in the One Good Cop, Demolition Man and Bound by Honor.

Benjamin Bratt got attention in Hollywood when two productions were released, they are In The River Wild where he was a Native American Ranger and in Clear and Present Danger, he was a field officer of American soldiers who had to infiltrate the CIA on in Columbia.

Benjamin Bratt dated Monika a filmmaker but the relationship ended after 8 months. He also dated Julia Roberts for 4 years. He is now married to Talisa Soto and they have a daughter together called Sophia Rosalinda Bratt.


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