Billy Campbell

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Bill Campbell was born in 1959 in USA, in Virginia City. He was named William Oliver Campbell at birth. He was born with other five children and their parents divorced when he was still young. He had to live in Chicago with his father or go to Virginia with the mother. His brothers include John Campbell and David Campbell. He was interested in Rugby from the early age. While in school, he attended the Western Albemarle High school. With the seductive eyes, he was regarded as sexy and his hot photos are available on different websites.

In addition of appearing in many movies, he also appeared in Family Ties. He had also contributed to Dynasty which is a show that reached no 1 during their period.  In Crime story, he was the detective Joey Indelli. He acted in a lead role with The Rocketeer.  When he finished to act in the Dracula, he played Dr Jon in the adaptation of Tales of The city,  a Television series. He was also a star in Further Tales of City and More Tales of City. He did play in the O.C, The 4400 and Once and Again Series. He played in a negative role in the Enough, The Stranger Besides Me, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Shark. He was seen in the Series called The Killing which was also worth his work. In the year 2013, he was the star of Abraham Lincoln on the adaption movie for Killing Lincoln book.  

Bill Campbell was in relationship with Virginia Madsen since 1981 to the year 1988. Afterwards, he was in relationship with Jennifer Connelly since 1990 up to 1995. By the end of 2013, he was yet to be married. He is tall of 1.9m with the weight of 85kg. by 2013, he was 54 years old.

He was nominated for Golden Globe nomination for the best actor of Drama series but this is far that he had been reached in the awards. He is citizenship is American of English ethnicity. He has a net worth of 2.5 million, however, there is no record about how much he gets as annually salary.

Bill Campbell struggles to get recognition. He has dedication towards his work and he has a good future before him. He had volunteered to play in the Young Storytellers Program. He is a friend of Stephen Lang who co-starred with him in Crime Story. He played like George Pickett for Gods and Generals. This is the role that has been played by Lang while playing Gettysburg and Campbell was his co-star. He started to date Jennifer Connelly while filming Rocketeer. She was his co-star and 11 years younger. He is an enthusiast for rugby and he played in Chicago Lions RFC with Santa Monica Rugby Club. He said that one of reason he wanted to play in The 4400 series was that it was to be filmed in Vancouver and he loves the place. He says that Vancouver is one of the places he likes most and when it is rainy and gray, he feels as if it is sunny and it is always a city of his dreams.


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