Bob Beckel

Early Life and Education:

Bob Beckel was born on November 15, 1948 in New York City and raised in Lyme, Connecticut. He is the son of Cambridge Graham Beckel, Jr. and brother of the actor Graham Beckel. Bob has done BA in fine arts from Wagner College in Staten Island. After that he went to the George Washington University to get another degree in politics to pursue his career as a political pundit. Due to his alcoholic addiction he has now entered a rehab facility for treatment.

Married life:

As a cocaine and alcohol addict Bob had had a hard time managing his married life. In 1992, he was married to Leland Ingham. They had two children from the marriage, but in 2002 the couple faced a drastic change in their life by having divorce.


His career started when he was in college. During graduation Bob helped Robert F. Kennedy for his presidential campaign in 1968. In 1977, he joined the U.S. Department of State and became the youngest deputy assistant Secretary of State. Since then he has hosted many shows and excelled in his career of media and politics. Currently he is working as an analyst on Fox News and also as a columnist for USA Today where he writes “point–counterpoint”–style articles. Being involved in politics, Bob has been made a part of many scandals. In 1984 Bob considered the responsibility of managing Walter Mondale’s campaign, but due to a scandal of Beckel paying a woman to perform sex acts in his Maryland house he was set free of the responsibility. This was a significant setback in his career.

Net Worth:

Working for Fox News channel Bob earns a handsome amount of money which is a significant contribution in his net worth every year. Also he heads the Cassidy Company named “Beckel Cowan”. As of 2012, Bob Beckel’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

Hand Injury:

In his show “The Five” Bob Beckel was asked by Kurtz about the brace on his hand. Bob told the audience, “Somebody gave me a little heat outside!” As a result of that fight Bob had his fingers dislocated. The story he tells is, “Some jerk outside starts talking about my politics: He can’t stand it, right….It happens to me all the time: But, this guy kept pushing me and pushing me and pushing me so I gave him a little tap back. And that was it. And, then I dislocated my fingers which prove that you never want to fight, right.”

This story; however, is considered a lie. The general perception about Beckel is not good enough for public to trust his stories.

Social Media:

Bob is active on all social media networks including Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. his email ID is also available online. 


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