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Brian Williams, also known as ‘Brian Douglas Williams’ was born on 5th May, 1959. He works as an American journalist, for the NBC television as an anchor and managing editor. One of the most popular news anchor in the United States, he also served as a host for the ‘Rock center,’ prime time news magazine.

Brian was born and brought up in Middletown Township, New in an Irish Catholic home. Dorothy May, an executive vice president of the NRMA, New York is the parent of Williams. Mater Del High School, New Monmouth is the place of graduation of Brian.

Brian stepped into broadcasting career with the Koam-tv in Pittsburg. Employment at NBC happened to him in the year 1993 and his most recognized show Nightly news came into his kitty on December 2, 2004. The very first year of the show saw him wonderfully covering the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean and Hurricane Katrina. The time from his induction into the NBC till December2, 2004, he hosted the show ’The News with Brian Williams.’ He became famous in NBC for his coverage on the death of Princess Diana, the September attacks and the Iraq war.However, Williams was suspended from the Nightly News, on ground of presenting false news of a helicopter being shot down in the Iraq War. The suspension could never be revoked and he was removed from the Nightly News in June 2015.

William returned to news arena with MSNBC on September 2015 as chief breaking news anchor. During this time he covered Pope Francis’s visit to America, hurricane Joaquin, Paris attacks and press conference by the president. As a guest on David letterman’s show, In the year 2013, he spoke of his life threatening experiences when his helicopter in Iraq was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. Later he made the same comment in a podcast hosted by Alec Baldwin.

Brain is married to Jane Gillian Williams, and their marriage ceremony was held at the first Presbyterian church, Connecticut on June 7, 1986. Williams’s family now consist of his wife, his daughter ‘Allison’ and a son ‘Douglas’ who completed his education from the Elon University, in 2013. The couple lives amicably and there are no news to split or divorce.

Brian’s firing off from the Nightly news is definitely an incident to describe. In early 2015, the story of Williams boasting of the incident of being on board of an aircraft hit by a grenade resurfaced, there was a huge debate over this issue throughout the news circle. A few days later on ‘Nightly News’ he again admitted that he had jumbled up the  facts and had been seating in a following helicopter, apologizing for his previous statement. In February 2015 he was suspended from Nightly News for some events that were misrepresented by him during his coverage of Iraq war 2003.

In conclusion, Brian Williams is a well-known host and a news anchor. He hosted many television shows and conducted many interviews of famous celebrities and high profile people. His whole career has been a up and down ride. He has been into many controversies but at the same time he also served as an ambassador for America.


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