Brianna Keilar

Brianna Mary Keilar is currently the older political reporter for CNN network in its Washington bureau. She is in charge of covering significant narrative on politics plus policy and is also the lead journalist covering HC-Hillary/Clinton as well as the Democratic ground for the 2016 crusade period.

Keilar graduated from Berkeley with two bachelor’s degrees before she went on to a career in journalism. She worked for KTVU-TV, KIMA-TV and CBS before joining CNN in 2006, where she started working as a correspondent for the C/N/N’s Newsource. She covered a wide-range of stories, including the Virginia Tech Massacre. In fall 2008 she has earned the NPS/National Press Foundations Everett/McKinley/Dirksen Award for DR-Distinguished Reporting of assembly for her coverage of 700 billion dollar bank bailout. She reported on President’s Obama campaign in 2012 and later served as the network’s Senior White House correspondent. She received the 2014/ ABM-Aldo Beckman Memorial, an award from the WH-White House Correspondents’ relationship, for her coverage on the Obamacare story.

She is married to her long-time boyfriend Dave French.

Briana was born in September of 1980 in Australia, but was raised in Orange County in California in the United States. She finished off Mission Viejo High School with a degree in 1998 and then went on to Berkeley, University of California, where she graduated with two bachelor’s degrees in psychology and mass communication. During her stay in college, she was a part of a Phi Beta Kappa sorority and was crowned the homecoming queen in her senior year before she went on to a career in journalism.

Brianna started her career as an intern and production assistant at K-T-V-U-TV, the C/N/N and FOX associate, while at the same time working as a morning show radio personality and a weekend news anchor for 107.3 KFM. In 2001, she became the general assignment reporter for the CNN and CBS affiliate KIMA-TV, only to join CBS two years later, where she worked as an affix and reporter of CBS News, also producing a C-B-S news/cast so as to aired on MTVU, MTV’s college network. Besides all that, the blonde was a substitute anchor on C/B/S News overnight news/cast, Up to the short minute, and was helping as a freelance journalist for CBS Eve News Weekend version.

Keilar first joined CNN in 2006 as a correspondent for the CNN Newsource, where she served as the reporter from Washington for around 800 Newsource partner station, also providing breaking news coverage. She covered a wide range of stories, including the Virginia Tech Massacre, where she was the network’s first correspondent at the scene.

Brianna is an extremely talented and ambitious anchor who looks stunningly good on the screen. She is a 5’10’’ (178 cm) tall blonde that wears dresses that subtly show her curvaceous figure and beautiful long legs. Keilar keeps her private life to herself, so the only thing known is that she is married, to her long-time boyfriend Dave French since May 2009. She is an active social media user and is active on Facebook and Twitter.


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