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Walter Bruce Willis was born on 19th march 1955 in Idar-Oberstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany. His current residence is Los Angeles California USA. He is an American citizen.

About Bruce Willis

Bruce is an American singer, producer and actor. He started his career off-Broadway stage and in the 1980’s, he made his way to television where he was notably seen as David Adison in the years 1985-89 in moonlighting. His best known role is that of McClane in the series called Die Hard which was a great success. He has made appearances in over 60 films which include the expendables, red, sin city, unbreakable, sixth sense, Armageddon, the fifth element, 12 monkeys, pulp fiction and color of night among others.

The motion pictures that feature Willis have a gross of between 2.64 billion US dollars and 3.05 billion dollars in the box offices in North America. This makes him rank eighth in the highest grossing actors within a leading role and number 12 when the supporting roles are included. He has won two Emmys, golden globe award and has been nominated for times doe Saturn award.


Willis married Demi Moore and together they had three daughters. However, they divorced in the year 2000 ending their 13 years in marriage. In 2009, he married the model, Emma Heming and they have 2 daughters.

Bruce’s early life

 Bruce was born to David Willis who was an American soldier and Marlene K. who was German. He is the oldest in a family of four children and he has a sister called Florence and David, his brother. In 2001, his other brother, Robert passed away as a result of pancreatic cancer at the age of 42. His father was discharged from the military in the year 1957 and the family moved to New Jersey. His mother used to work at a bank and the father was a factory worker, a master mechanic and a welder.

He schooled at Penn’s Grove high school and he had to deal with stutter issues getting the nickname Buck-buck from his mates. He was able to express himself better on stage and this is how he lost his stutter. He was the student council president and was a member of the drama club.

He worked as a security guard for Salem Nuclear power plant and transported crews at DuPont Chambers Works Factory.

He was also a private investigator at one pointy in time and this prepared him for several roles. After this, he started acting. He left school in junior year and went to New York City where he worked as a bartender to make ends meet at Kamikaze.


Willis went to California for auditions to different shows. His first appearance was in Miami Vice, a TV series. He made appearance in other episodes and was still auditioning for other roles. As a comedic actor, he starred opposite Cybil Sherphard and this is how got established. The show was a success and he was hired by a beverage major as a pitchman. He was paid 5-7 million dollars in a period of two years. Regardless of the pay, he chose not to renew the contract and made a decision not take alcohol anymore in the year 1988.

Blind Date was the film where he got hos very first starring role in the year 1987. He has made a great success out of himself and today he stands as a true legend.


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