Burzis Kanga

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Burzis Kanga has spent many years like the Tennis head coach of the New Orleans Privateers and he was able to develop the team with a reputation of competing at a high level in the court while achieving the lofty goals within the classroom.  With the senior- laden team at the side of the men, Kanga helped to Privateers to reach to 10-10 record. When he was coaching Southland first team, it doubled the group such as Blake Gregor and Rui Silva. For the nine team members of 2014-1015 rosters, there are five that were the seniors.  Other highlights are high performance in fall by the seniors like Timo Kranz and Giacomo Adoncecchi who was a freshman at ITA Southern Regional. In spring, Romain Lefevre who is a senior was able to emerge like a staple of the rotation of Privateers and he was able to win co-conference championship on 5 singles.

Burzis Kanga is now on helm of tennis program and he was hired in the year 2008 and the program was reinstated as the part of rebuilding the effort at the Lakefront. Before, Kanga was the coach of UNO since 1986 to 1989 and from the year 2003 to 2006 and but this was stopped because of the effects that were caused by the Hurricane Katrina. From Kanga’s bio, he was not a stranger to the UNO since before he started the stints as the head coach, he was the member of the Privateer Tennis program since the year 1980-83 and he earned the Bachelor of Science in the Business since the year 1984.   When he was still at the Lakefront, Kanga was able to amass 81-9 mark in the Louisiana for the people who are under the age of 21 age group. He played professionally at the satellite tennis circuit of Mexico, Europe and USA.  When he returned back to Lakefront in the year 2008, Kanga had been able to make the steady progress in making the programs for both women and men in both the classroom and in the court.

Outside of the accomplishment at the UNO tennis team, Kanga has been able to restore Tennis Center of University and he was working for Katreena and Hike. It is the major beautification that took place in the year 2012. Kanga is known to be of American nationality and he is of Tanzanian ethnicity.

Burzis Kanga dated talented and elegant Hoda Kotb from the year 2004 before they decide to get married and to live as a wife and a husband.  Their relationship was the most talked about topic and they did well to control this hype but afterwards, they divorced and the relationship ended. They had no children and Kotb was diagnosed with cancer afterwards and she fought the battle and emerged the winner. His information is not found on wiki.



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