Candy Crowley

Candy Crowley was born on 26th December 1948 in Kalamazoo Michigan, USA and is 66 years of age. She is an anchor and a broadcast journalist and has made a name for herself in political correspondence.

Entrance into CNN

CNN took her in as their chief political correspondent and she specialized in USA national as well as state elections. She was based at the Washington bureau and she was the Sunday morning talk show anchor for years.

Candy’s early life and her education

She was born in Michigan after the family moved for a short while from St. Louis, Missouri. The family moved back and this is where she grew up. She schooled at The Principal School in the county of st. Louis from kindergarten to high school graduating in the year 1966. She went to Randolph-Macon woman’s college situated in Lynchburg, Virginia and graduated with English Bachelor of Arts degree.

Candy’s career

Her career started in WASH-FM, a radio station based in Washington D taking the role of a newsroom assistant. She was mutual broadcasting and white house correspondent anchor for associated press. From NBC, she joined VNN in the year 1987. Here, she hosted inside politics before the Situation Room replaced the show. In the year 2010, Candy succeeded the famous John King as the State of the Union anchor. The show aired on Sunday morning.

She has been called a straight shooter ad her career has been seen as a sophisticated political observation. Her reporting doesn’t fall under any parties but is equally distributed.


She has been able to scoop some awards which include broadcaster’s award from associated press; from the national press foundation she has won Dirksen awards twice in 1998 and 2003. She won an Emmy award in 2003 for the commendable work she was doing at Conan also the Gracie Allen award for the war coverage. She has also won national headliner award and cine award and in 2005, she got Edward Murrow Award. In 2012, she won William Allen white foundation national citation from university of Kansas journalism school for the expertise on politicians, politics and different events that have made an impact in the world.

Other achievements

On 16th October 2012, she acted as moderator for the 2nd presidential debate which was between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the republican opponent. She got praise and criticism in equal measure when she interjected regarding attack on the diplomatic mission of the USA in Benghazi.

There was some controversy when she backed the claims Obama made saying that the attack on Benghazi was due to terrorism but CNN had reported on 21st September 2012 that Obama had described the attacks as being terrorism on September 20 which was nine days after the attack. She stands as the first woman to be a moderator of the presidential debate after Carole Simpson in the year 1992.


On 5th December 2014, CNN announced that she has decided to leave after being there for 27 years so as to start a brand new chapter in her life.

Crowley practices transcendental meditation and is a vegetarian. She is a divorcee with two children and 2 stepchildren. One of her children is a neurosurgeon whole the other is a musician.


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