Chaz Dean

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Chaz Dean is known to be a celebrity hairstylist and he has the roster of the glamorous clients and it includes Juliana Margulies, Alyssa Milano and Gwyneth Paltrow. He is the founder of the WEN products which is a revolutionary line of the hair care products that are meant to fight off the long term damage caused by shampoo. You may see him at QVC where he hawks his wares or at Flipping Out.  Chaz Dean is also a photographer and he shoots the models and the labels and anything else to be put on their websites. He likes to shoot the abstract photos which people will end up asking what it is. He is based in Los Angeles and he has a celebrity clientele list which include the who is who in Hollywood. However, he is still humble and his kind hearted with a Zen like aura that surrounds him and puts the clientele at ease at once.

 From his biography, his love of hair started with the love of the photography and he attended different commercials photography courses that inspired him to enroll into the cosmetology school when he moved to Los Angeles. In few days, the interest he had in the hair continued to grow and he helped a highly successful company to develop their product line and this is where it started to get interested in the hair products. In few days, he climbed the ranks in the upscale of Salon in the area of Bel Air and become the manager. Afterwards, he bought the salon and built the clientele and it included the impressive roster of the celebrities. Chaz Dean Salon had relocated to Hollywood and he renamed the salon to be called Chaz Dean Studio and it is offered at high scale clients on the escape of paparazzi.

Chaz Dean does not have any information about him on wiki but his product WEN has more information online. Chaz Dean is involved into developing the new products while attending to his clients and also styling them for the fashion shows or award shows. He is an inspiration to many people.

Chaz Dean is popular and also successful and he kept his personal life to be away of the limelight. He does not like to talk about any partner or if he is married or if he has a girlfriend. Even if some people think that he is not married, he does not say anything about it.

He has an active Instagram and he likes to post his photos. He has over 32.4 thousands followers in the Instagram and the number is increasing on daily basis.  He has also a twitter account but it is yet to be verified so it is not clear if it is his or not. His net worth is over 2 million dollars.


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