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Chelsea Field was born on 27th May 1957 in Glendale, California in United States of America. Her birth name was Kimberly A. Botfield. She is approximately 5’ 9“, just about 1.75 meters. Her father, Will Botfield, is said to have ever bought a horse from the renowned actor, William Shatner. The horse was named ‘Lady in Red’. Chelsea Field is famously known as an American actress.


In the year 1975, Chelsea Field attended the Crescenta Valley High School in La Crescenta, California. She graduated from the same school with pretty good grades.


Field is famously known as an actress but that was not her first career after school. Field was actually a dancer. The first time she appeared on screens was in a famous TV show called Solid Gold in the year 1983. The TV show basically about featured dancing and some popular music. From the show, Field was one of the outstanding dancers.

Shortly after her appearance on the TV show, Field started another venture into acting. In 1985, she was in the Commando movie, which was very successful.

Her first big role was on the classical movie Masters of the Universe, an action adventure and fantasy film, where she played as Teela, one of the greatest warriors on the Eterni planet. Besides that, she also acted as a bodyguard for Prince Adam in the film, a very courageous and well trained fighter. She definitely won the public eye for that tough role.

After her breakthrough in acting, Field starred in several other films. Later on in 1991, she appeared in The Last Boy Scout and Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.  

Field continued to work hard to establish her legacy in the film industry. In the year 1995, she unsuccessfully auditioned for the Star Trek: Voyage movie role of Captain Kathryn Janeway. She did not give up on her big dreams all the same. Later in the year 1999, Chelsea Field starred in a movie called NetForce, where she played the interesting and funny role of a mean ex-wife of Alex Michaels, a role that was played by her then boyfriend Scott Bakula (now husband).

Field has appeared in other big movies such as ‘Prison’, ‘Nightingales’, ‘Skin Deep’ ‘Death Spa’, ‘Dust Devil’, ‘Snapdragon’, ‘Extreme Justice’, ‘The Dark Half’, ‘Andre’, ‘The Birds II: Land’s End’, ‘The Wrong Woman’, ‘Flipper’ and ‘Wicked’.

‘The Unsaid’ released in 2001 also got Chelsea admired by many throughout the world. Since her appearance in ‘Just Add Water’, Field has not starred in any other current film.

Personal life

Chelsea Field is married to Scott Bakula, a man that was her boyfriend for about 16years until since the year 1996. Her husband is a renowned actor with a long filmography. They have two sons together, Wil Botfrield Bakula born in 1995, and Owen Barrett Bakula born in 1999. The two seemingly have a happy life together and there are no signs of a divorce.

In addition to her biological children, Field is also the step mother of Chelsy Bakula who is the daughter of her husband and his ex-wife Krista Newmann, an actress, and was born in1984, as well as the step mum of Cody Bakula, an adopted child born in 1991.


Chelsea Field is a beautiful and talented actress that has been admired and honored in the industry. She has performed very well and now enjoys a good life with her presumed enormous net worth. Follow her on social media for more updates.


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