Cheryl Casone

Cheryl Casone is a well-known American anchor and news reporter. Her most recognizable post is for Fox Business Network. She also works as a reporter at Fox News Network. She also works as a financial contributor and weekly job reporter.

Casone's origins go all the way to Clearwater, Florida. She was born on 8th of July, the year 1970.

Due to her father's profession as an engineering consultant, Casone's family moved frequently. She spent a year of her childhood living in Sweden, and later lived in Ohio, Dallas, and eventually graduated from high school in Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated from High School in 1988. Casone graduated from Thunderbird High School in Phoenix, Arizona. Casone attended Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. She majored in Public Relations and gained her bachelor's degree in 1992.

Casone worked as a flight attendant for a year after college. She travelled around the world to Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Nepal.

In 1997, Casone moved to California and began her career at CNX Media. Her post was was on the "Travel Update", nationally syndicated program.

After CNX, Casone moved to work as a business and general assignment reporter for KRON- TV.

She moved to New York City to work as an anchor at MSNBC in 2004. She also worked as a freelance news reporter for CBS, and as a freelance news correspondent for CNN.  In 2006, Casone joined FOX network.

At Fox, she hosted shows "Cashin' In" and "Fox Business Now", a show that was updating business news on the web and could be viewed on Yahoo and

Casone's reporting portfolio includes Syria, Jordan, West Bank and Israel.Amongst world leaders, she has interviewed are Tony Blair, Shimon Peres and Salam Fayyad.Casone is characterized as intelligent and gifted newscaster. She is known to be very secretive about her personal life, without any gossip or scandals presiding her name.

Casone prefers to keep her personal life away from the public eye, avoiding to show any provocative material, such as photos in the bikini or anything else other than decent business looks.As a respected member of business reporter’s profession, Casone went to great lengths to build her reputation as a professional. Highly praised amongst co-workers, she has also won the respect of public figures, which gave her access to contact many celebrities.

During her long and reputable career, Casone has managed to travel the world and introduce herself to many celebrities and important political figures. It is an understatement to say that she has simply “Traveled the world”. Cheryl Casone has done so much more in her career than simply traveling. She has built up her skills, thanks to hard work, into a professional talent that made it available to her to reach those, for whom most people believed that are unreachable. Cheryl Casone has covered some of the most significant modern events, and deserved her spot as an acclaimed public figure.


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