Christa Delcamp

Christa Delcamp is an American journalist, who is working for the network WHDH TV. She currently hosts “News Today” in New England, United States.

Delcamp has been professionally working in this field for more than 10 years.For her professional achievements, Delcamp has earned the nomination for two Emmy Awards.

Delcamp is considered to be a US veteran in spot journalism and Speaker profession.She is said to have the talent to engage her audiences with her presentation capability, along with her charismatic personality and good looks.

Delcamp is a born American by ethnicity.She has graduated from college in South Lancaster, Massachusetts, gaining a magna-cum-laude degree at  Atlantic Union college.

After graduating from college, Christa started a venture in building her career.Her first post  was of a reporter and anchor for WESCO-AM/ WQVR-FM network, which is located in Southbridge.

After her first job, Delcamp went to WGMC-TV, located in Worchester, New England, where she worked as a producer and a reporter for the network.Delcamp's next post came after few years when she joined the network WBNG-TV, which was located in Binghamton, New York. She worked there as a news anchor, reporter and producer.

Throughout years of working for different networks, Delcamp groomed her knowledge and experience, building and promoting her professional skills.In addition to her previous assignment, Delcamp also succeeded as a general reporter, and also a weekend news anchor, to yet another network -WJZ-TV, Baltimore.

Delcamp worked for the network for four years, before WJZ-TV transferred her to 7News channel, in 2003.During her established career, Delcamp covered the 9/11 Pentagon recovery operation.

Amongst her professional achievements is also the coverage of the anthrax investigation in western Maryland.She has interviewed several celebrities, and also covered the infamous four-day hostage standoff in Baltimore.

Delcamp was awarded multiple honors and awards for her professional achievements.In her personal life, Delcamp enjoys frequent exercises and yoga. Her healthy lifestyle resulted in her young and elegant look.

Christa currently lives in Fulton, New York. There aren't any reliable information about her personal life and whether or not she is married.

Rumors have been going that she is pregnant or has already given birth, but this gossip remained unconfirmed.There is also no information available on her romantic and dating life.

Delcamp remains in regular touch with her fans through social media accounts, and available on Facebook and Twitter accounts for her fans to receive regular updates on her activities.

Christa Delcamp, known for her discreet nature, has also left her mark on professional journalism. Known for her impeccable work, Christa was awarded for her achievements and praised by her co-workers, critics as well as the publicity. During her long and fulfilled career, she has managed to be present on the spot of many historically significant political events.


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