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The weather caster and Chief Meteorologist at KSDK-TV 5, Cindy Preszler, is the St. Louis, Missouri NBC affiliate, and one of the five female chief meteorologist affiliates on Gannett-owned NBC.  Born in South Dakota, she went on to study both mass communication and meteorology following a passion she always had for the weather.  In 1998, after Chicago’s WMAQ-TV, Lexington’s WKYT-TV and The Weather Channel, Cindy moved to St. Louis and began working at KSDK.

Born in South Dakota in 1960 to Jude and Brendon Preszler, Cindy Preszler, a U.S. national, has always had high reaching dreams.  As a child she had constantly been fascinated with the weather which she attributes with pride, in no small part, to her farming background.  In 1978 after graduating high school, she went on to study at the University of South Dakota from 1978 – 1982 and received her bachelor’s in Mass Communication.  After completing her bachelor’s degree and while she was working as an On-Camera Meteorologist for The Weather Channel, she went on to study a Broadcast Meteorology Pre and Post Graduate Course at the Mississippi State University from 1989 – 1993.

Coming from a middle class beginning, Cindy had to work tirelessly to achieve her goals as no breaks were offered to her.  Her first career was as an intern where she was an editor, researcher and analyst.  In 1986 – 1988 she worked as a Morning Anchor/Weather Woman for WTOC-TV Savannah.

From WTOC-TV she moved to The Weather Channel as an On-Camera Meteorologist, 1988 – 1990 while furthering her studies in meteorology.  It was during this time that she covered two stories (the landfall of Hurricane Hugo in Charleston, South Carolina, 22 of September 1989 & the San Francisco Earthquake on the 17 of October 1989) which many believe boosted her career by making her a nationally recognized face in TV meteorology.

She worked for 6 years as the Chief Meteorologist at WKYT-TV Lexington, Kentucky from 1990 to 1996, before moving across to Chicago, Illinois’ WMAQ-TV in 1996 until 1998.

In 1998 she moved to St. Louis, Missouri and began working for KSDK-TV 5 as their Chief Meteorologist.  She is one of five Gannett-owned NBC female affiliates to have the title of Chief Meteorologist.  Since working in St. Louis she has handled climate changes, winter-storms and tornados regularly.  Her “out of the studio” approach puts her in the weather’s throw often, which she faces unwavering.  She has now worked at KSDK for 17 years and has many followers on her, KSDK supported, Facebook page.

Cindy Preszler keeps her private life private and little is known about her apart from the knowledge that she resides in West County, is married (in a long-term relationship) to Dave Mack, who is very loving and supportive of her career, and that she has 2 cats.

Cindy has achieved much in her career.  She has been given seals for both the NWA (National Weather Association) and the AMS (American Meteorological Society).  She served on the AMS Broadcast Board where she was chairwoman of the 1990’s AMS Broadcast Board Conference.  In 2003 she received an Emmy Award for Best Weather Forecaster.  Cindy has also won the Best Weather cast – Class 1 in the Missouri Broadcaster Awards in 2013.

She is a still a member of the International Association of Broadcast Meteorology.

Cindy Preszler remains an icon in weather broadcasting.  In no small part to her warm smile, and her constant courage and poise while reporting the weather live to her public and worldwide adoring fans.


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