dagmar midcap

Dagmar Midcap is a gorgeous lady who is talented with a heart taking looks. She enjoys a very prominent position in the world as a media personality, she is victorious owing to her hard work and talented, she is still young and energetic, she was born in Canada in 1969. Her family background is quiet religious so she was brought up in a religious atmosphere of home. From childhood she had always dreamt of a career, a successful career in which she can earn name, she was inspired by various people in life and wanted to be an independent and successful person. She was interested in journalism and for a future with her interest she completed her graduation from British Columbia Institute of Technology. Like other famous personalities it is difficult to explain her personality in just few words, but here I will throw light on her life highlighting the most important years of her life related to career as well as well personal life.

In 1990 she started her first television program which deals with the daily news; she hosted the weekly current affair show with WBNX-TV in Akron. This show with Dagmar as a host was appreciated. All people appreciated her for good job and owing to this she worked for the same program for almost nine years, after this she did the job of weather reporter with VTV but this lasted within a short period of time. Next she switched towards BCTV, where she was a full in anchor in the morning show. It was in 2005 when BCTV asked her to co host driving television. After two years she went back to United States to do her job as a weather anchor. This was a brief description of her entrance in journalism and a little bit of her career as an anchor.

Now coming towards her personal life, she is simply a charming lady, she has a kind heart, if you ever get chance to talk to Dagmar I am sure you will say that her smiling face is just mesmerizing. She’s hot with good body measurements she is a soft spoken person with a alluring personality. Her looks are too good and many people are fan of her personality. She is living a life although without husband but the life that promotes health and hard work. She is not married yet but she spent her life with a boyfriend, unfortunately her boyfriend committed suicide in 2009. This incident left her in great trauma and affected her life badly. Her career was also affected and she had to leave anchoring for certain period. She overcomes the incident and continue to live a happy life, besides being an anchor she did huge number of movies in which she depicted her beautiful acting skills some famous films are Cat Women, Stranger in my bed , Captive, 14 Hours and Numb3rs. Although some tragic incident occur in her life but eventually with courage and strong emotional set up she lived up her life, now she is doing well and living a happy life. She is a source of inspiration for many people with a long list of fan followers. For more information you can access her face book and twitter account where you can see her gorgeous face and get to know about all recent activities.


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