Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams is an established American author, Web entrepreneur, legal commentator and a television host.

Abrams has previously worked as an anchor of shows "Nightline" and as the Chief Legal Affairs Anchor for the network ABC News.

Abrams worked as a chief legal analyst, for the network NBC News, as well as on the post of General Manager for MSNBC.

Abrams has built an empire of seven web properties. He has also founded the firm for digital media strategy, going by the name "Abrams Research".

Being of Jewish decent, Abrams was brought up by father Floyd Abrams, an attorney, and his mother, Efrat Abrams.

Abrams graduated from Riverdale Country School in 1984 and received his degree magna cum laude. He also graduated political science from Duke University, in 1988.

Before he joined the NBC Newscast, Abrams worked for Court TV as a reporter. During that time, he covered the scene of OJ Simpson scandal.

Abrams also covered the scene at the International War Crimes Tribunal that took place in Netherlands.

Abrams moved on from Court TV and went to work as a general assignment correspondent for the network NBC News. He stayed on this post throughout 1997-1999. During that time, he became a Chief Legal Correspondent.

Alongside correspondent Pete Williams, Abrams was the first correspondent to have the opportunity to cover the handing out of pamphlet in Supreme Court steps, for elections between Bush and Gore.

After that, Abrams hosted his own television show at MSNBC. The show, that was called “The Abrams report”, began airing in 2001. Abrams worked on his show until 2006, when he was assigned a lead managerial position at MSNBC. He remained at that position until October, 2007.

In 2011, Abrams quit working for NBC and left to assume the position of Legal Analyst for ABC News channel.  He also became a substitute anchor for the show „Good Morning America“.

In July 2009, Abrams designed and launched the „Mediaite“, his personally designed news website. The website combined analytic rankings of media personalities with editorial content. The „Mediaite“, remains on the Technorati's list of the top 20 blogs in the US to this day.

Abrams also launched, in cooperation with MichaelLewittes, a gossip website called „Gossip Cop“. The website is attracting interest for rating rumors about celebrities on the scale of 0-10 and remains to draw million visitors monthly.

Abrams also launched a fashion-related website, called „Styleite“, in 2010. The website publishes rankings of designers, models, writers and other fashion-relevant roles based on their popularity and influence.

As a published author, Abrams has also had his articles featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today magazine, as well as The American Lawyer and the Yale Law and Policy Review.

Abrams' first child, with his girlfriend FlorinkaPesenti, was born in 2012. His son was named Everett Floyd Adams.


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