Dana Perino

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The secretary of white house named Dana Perino was recognized as 27th numbered secretary. The lady Dana is fully performing its duties and rationed President for three years. Before her there were male helpers and secretaries, she was second female secretary. At present, she is giving her services in Fox news as a political reporter as she is also well experienced now. She is also working as host in program of “The Five”.

Her early life was spent in Denver, while she was born in Evaston. She got her early education in high school of Ponderosa and she got her degree of bachelors in mass communication. She has command in both Political science and Spanish. She used to work on KTSC tv and then she served as host in Journal. Her services as a social member can never be denied.  More of her services were related to mass communication and Journalism, so she got command in her field and after her retirement period, she with her husband moved to Britain. She also resided in California for three years and she also worked in public relations at that time.

In department of Justice, Dana Perino gave her services for complete three years and then she joined White house, after getting so much experience in her field. She used to give planned opinion on memo expansion, medium dealings and community outreach.

She served as secretary of President George W. Bush for three years.  She was hired by person Scott McClellan and she communicated a lot of times for president as executive of connections. Moreover, she operated and performed actions as the planner for all cooperation and agencies related to situation, liveliness and normal reserve problems as well as basic problems considered as major ones. She was promoted as post of Assistant to President while the current assistant got suffered from cancer.

If we put light on personal life of Dana Perino, she met her future husband in business meeting and he is also entrepreneur and is concerned in the global marketing and sales of health check goods. As a pet animal, she love dogs and is having at her home. She once said about her pet dog while capturing his picture:” Actually it is kind of hard to get him to look at the camera. But I'm so persistent and sneaky that I'm able to get a few good shots”. So from now on, you should be well- familiar with her four-legged friend that is her America's dog whose name is Jasper.

She learned as a secretary of president and then she realized that she is ready to serve as a deputy secretary, and then she resigned after two years.

One of the final belongings you want to heed when one of your adored pets passes away is that you should get another one. When her dog peter passed away, her friends told her the exactly phrases and then she was lucky that she followed their advice and got new American dog named as Jasper.


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