Dannie Riel

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Dannie Riel is of Chinese and French ancestry who has a Canadian nationality. She is a model and she appears in some TV shows. She was voted to be Sexiest Asian Girl on Earth. Even if she is not too tall, she was able to succeed in her modeling career.

Dannie Riel is a known expert model capable to capturing her audience. She was born in the year 1988 and she is of Canadian nationality.  Her ancestors came from France and China.

When she was still young, she was looking to be a model and she was able to achieve it. She was able to maintain her body and she was voted as the sexiest Asian girl alive. Even if she is not too tall, she has a gorgeous appearance and she has extraordinary beauty.  When it comes to her height, she is 5.2 feet and her weight is 47kg. Her body measurement is 34-24-33. Since she has a sex appeal, she was signed to many companies and she was able to succeed when she was still young. She has grey eyes and long brown hair that makes her to be even more beautiful. Her shoes size is 6.5.

Dannie Riel likes what she is doing and she had already been recognized in the industry. She wants to continue to be one of the best modeling icons within the modeling position. Even if there is no official record, there are some rumors that she had to undergo the plastic surgery so that she became even sexier.  She has a hot body with the sexy legs which captivate people around her. Because of her beauty, she is becoming among the successful model of every time.

Dannie Riel is still single when it comes to her marital status but she is still young with 26 years old. She is in relationship with Ken Nguyenw who works also as a financial advisor for her business. They want to get married in the near future. They have been in the relationship for over 6 years and they love each other dearly. She was heard saying that her boyfriend is a loving person so it is expected that they may get married in the near future.

In addition of modeling, Dannie Riel has an online clothing store that she had named Riel Brand Store. She is keen and she is interested more in the internet. She likes to use the social media and she has more than 70 thousand followers for twitter alone. The number of the followers increases on daily basis. To know what she is planning to do, you can follow her on the instagram, facebook and twitter.  She had appeared in many TV shows but even if there is no evidence about how much she owns, she is believed to be over 13 million. She always thanks her parents since they helped her to get involved in this field.

Her career extends in many countries. People also look for her hot pictures in bikini online.  Besides making money from the modeling assignment, she also makes money in hosting the parties or events around the world. She wants to be among self made millionaire women. She believes in hard work and struggle.


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