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Don Lemon is known for hosting CNN newsroom program and is considered as one of the supreme journalists and the news anchor in America. He started his profession as weekend reporter from WRBC and then later on Don Lemon became an investigative reporter for KTVI.

Soon after KTVI, he got associated with NBC news and after getting an experience Don Lemon joined NBC Nightly news as a correspondent. From 2006 to 2006 Don Lemon worked with NBC as a reporter and a news co-anchor. Don Lemon was once part of the controversy when he spoke about the improvement that is to be made for African-American community. Don Lemon once criticized the activities of the state cable news and had a strong position of the African-American community. Don Lemon raised some serious questions about the network publicity and its roles and had his own opinions. While Don Lemon was attending college, Don Lemon started his career as a journalist. The first job that Don Lemon got was a news assistant on channel 5 in the New York City.

He was born on March 1st,1966 in Louisiana. He got his early education from Baker high school. Right after the school, he decided that he is going to be a journalist. he got admitted in Brooklyn College and had a graduation degree in  broadcast journalism as major. He  was once remained part of Louisiana State University as well.

There are a number of awards that he got. He covered real estate issue in Chicago and got an Emmy award for covering a special report on real estate issues.  He also received Edward R. Murrow award on special report, the report was about the imprisonment of the DC area sniper. He always focuses on real issues, according to the magazine name “Ebony”, he is on the list of the people that are influential, more importantly, he was an African –American personality that was included in the list.

Don's family life is somehow complicated; he never discussed his family matters until in 2010, when he was interviewing live Bishop Eddie Long, he confessed that he is attracted to males. More importantly, he also revealed that he was a target of sexual exploitation when he was a kid. He never told about his tendency towards the males until he turned thirty.

People don’t know Don Lemon as a writer. In the 2011, he released an autobiography, in which he discussed the ups and downs of his life. He also discussed the way he was treated as a child, including discernment that he faced. Don Lemon also pointed out the colorism in the society along with the racist attitude that people have to bear.

He is said to be a kind of journalist that is opinionated as well. Apart from the appreciation that he has received, the Columbia Journalism review mentioned him in the list of the journalist that are worst in journalism in year 2014, the inclusion is said to be for the number of various reasons. 


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