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Erica Mena was born on November 8, 1987 at New York Presbyterian Hospital. She is bi-ethnic as her mother is Puerto Rican and her father a Dominican.

She has written a book about her life “Underneath it All” in which she has tried to give a real picture of who she really is. This is because people usually misunderstand her. They only see the glamour and external beauty, but her inner beauty is not seen by many. When we see all those television stars on TV we always think how lucky they are as they have got a perfect life. Yes, they are lucky, but not because their life is perfect, but because they have struggled hard to make it perfect and today they are where they wanted to be.

Her mother was a hustler and her father was in the drug game. Her mother went to jail and her father never cared for her. Her sisters were also young to play the role of her mother; therefore, she has spent her childhood in foster homes until her mother came back and claimed her. Her childhood has been miserable as she wasn’t lucky enough to have loving and caring foster parents. There, she was never treated like a human being. Her foster mother treated her like an object and looked at her with all the disdain and hatred, and her foster brother abused her. Being a child she never realized she is being abused. In that home of hatred he was the one touching her as everyone was forbidden to talk or touch her. She took his actions as a sign of affection as she has spent most of her life looking for love, and unfortunately, she searched for it in the wrong places. She has also spent days starving as she was not provided with edible food.

Her misery ended after her mother released from jail and took her back. She was probably 7 years old back then. Although they did not have enough money, she enjoyed her life with her mother. Despite of what her mother did she loved her and adored her. Her mother did everything she could do to provide her a better lifestyle and she respected her for that.

Since she was 8 she started sketching dress designs and her career started when she won Jennifer Lopez look-alike contest at the age of 14. That contest gave her an opportunity to work on herself and motivated her to look for modeling as her career.

Erica is a single mom as she has a son named "King Conde" from her husband Raul Conde. They have broken up already, and Erica is now happily engaged to a rapper/host Bow Wow.

Erica is a public figure so there are many sites providing information, but her Wikipedia is not created yet.


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