essence atkins

Essence Atkins is an American actress and model. In her 20-year long career, she has made appearance in some of the most known sitcoms, like “The Cosby Show”, “Half and Half”, and “Saved by the bell” spin-off, “Saved by the bell- the college years”.

From starring in a family show to building a family of her own, Essence Atkins has landed some praised roles in genres all the way from sitcoms to horrors.Essence Atkins starred in many popular comedies, such as The Cosby Show, Saved by the Bell: The College Years (spin-off), Family Matters, Smart guy, Half & Half.

Atkins got married in 2009 to Jaime Mendez. Interesting fact about this couple is that they were a successful match, getting to know each other through an online dating service. This married couple has welcomed a baby boy in 2012. She has given birth to her son, Varro Blair Mendes, whose name symbolizes strength and durability,at age 39.

Atkins was born on February 7, 1972. In her show-business career, Atkins has established herself as a successful actress as well as a successful model.

Her “signature role” came to be the role of Dee Dee in the sitcom “Half & Half”.

She is also very well known for portraying “Smart Guy” ‘s Yvette Henderson. The only daughter of Lloyd Henderson and a woman’s rights activist, Atkins plays a role of a girl who is intelligent, competent and strong-minded. She is a symbol of a feminist of that age, growing up from an eleventh grader. Yvette is passionate about school, art and drama, which makes her unique in a family full of boys (she is the only sister amongst her brothers).

In 2013, Atkins appeared as Suzanne Persons in the TV series “Are we there yet?”.

Following year, the actress also established herself in the horror genre, appearing in “A Haunted House” as Keisha Davis. She also portrayed the same character in the movie sequel, “A haunted house 2”.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, Atkins left her mark on several memorable sitcom TV shows.

In the popular family sitcom, “The Cosby Show’’, Atkins plays a popular schoolgirl Paula Young. Her performance was praised by the critics, as she successfully, but appropriately for the audience of that decade, plays a popularity-rivalry with one of the show’s main character, Vanessa.

Atkins also appears in TV series Family Matters and Moesha.

She is best known for her role of Dee Dee in “Half & Half”, with her character involving around relationship and conflicts between half- sisters Dee Dee (Essence Atkins) and Mona (Rachel True).

In 2014, Atkins starred in the movie “My Other Mother” alongside with Greg Alan Williams, Jasmine Guy and Lynn Whitfield. She played Candace Meyers, a woman going through serious family problems. Her character is strong-willed and independent. When she finally meets her birth mother, she goes through a challenge of “letting her guard down” and opening up to her mother. The movie was praised for the originality of its idea but failed to gross major publicity.

Atkins has led in seasons 1 through 3 of the sitcom “Mr Box office”, playing the character of Samantha Owens.

Throughout her reputable and established career, Atkins played mostly intelligent, strong-minded and independent women characters, from young girls to adult women. Her net-worth was latest estimated to be $5000000.


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