fredricka whitfield

Early Life and Education: She was born on 31 May 1965 and is a daughter of an Olympian Mal Whitfield. She attended Paint Branch High School in Burtonsville, Maryland for her schooling and graduated in 1983. She studied further for a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Howard University’s School of Communications in 1987 as her goal was to become a news anchor and reporter since the beginning.


She started her career when she was in Harvard, working as an anchor for the campus radio station WHBC. Seeking for the correct opportunity to reach her desired goal she worked hard by working with various news channels. When she finally got an opportunity to work for CNN in 2002 she proved herself a worthy employee. Since then she has associated herself with the channel. Being a hot and gorgeous beauty she has used her charms in winning the hearts of her audience. She dresses uniquely and beautifully mostly showing off her long and slender legs. So far her beauty along with her experience and expertise has played a significant role in her successful career.  

Married Life:

Hot and beautiful media artist Fredricka Whitfield has had countless hearts dying for her beauty, but she chose to marry a black man John Glenn who is a former Director of Photography at Atlanta Journal Constitution. Her decision to marry him has proved to be worthy as they both share a strong bonding and understanding nature. She has provided her husband with a beautiful gift of three children. She first got pregnant in January 2005 and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Later in November 2012 she again got pregnant and gave birth to fraternal twins, daughter Nola Amanda Glenn and son Gilbert James Glenn. In return her husband has given her a gift of appreciation, love and tenderness and above all standing beside her through every thick and thin.

Fredricka Whitfield is already reaching her age and so far she has handled her married life along with her career with balanced ease. She has kept her personal and professional life separated, and has proved herself an idle wife, a responsible mother and a very professional woman. So far the life with her husband is going well, and they both are living a happily married life. Their chemistry is outstanding; therefore, there is no chance for divorce in the near future.

Even in this age she has managed to look incredibly beautiful and steal away hearts of her fans. She has lived her life very elegantly and has provided the same life style to her children. Her life is an inspiration for those who want to go for this profession; they must have a look on her life as a media artist. Her struggle and determination to be successful have played a role of catalyst in her career. 


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