Gary Owen

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Gary was always seen as the class clown often mimicking celebrities from as early as his childhood days to friends and families alike. However, upon graduation from a Christian high school, the future became a reality. With seriousness and dedication, Gary enlisted in the Navy where he was chosen for the Presidential Honor Guard. His career then followed him on to become a military police officer in San Diego, where he discovered his true passion of stand up comedy.

In 1997, through his raw talent, appreciated by fans of stand up comedy, Gary Owen was named the Funniest Serviceman in America, in only one year, which became the foundation of his career. This opened many doors of opportunity and encouraged Owen to vivaciously pursue stand up comedy and had since then developed a very large African-American following fan base. Owen had thereafter won the competition Funniest Black Comedian in San Diego which then had him declared, by Ebony Magazine, as Black America’s Favorite White Comedian, in 2011.

During his rise to stardom, in 2003, the prized nascent star Gary Owen swept his then girlfriend, Kenya Duke, off her feet and asked for her hand in marriage. Since their marriage, on July 19, 2003, Owen is now the proud father to three beautiful boys, Emilio, Austin and Kennedy.

Now, with more than a decade of experience to sing his own praises with, entertaining hordes of fans with his notoriously quick witted and sold out comedy shows throughout the country, Gary Owen has fast become one of America’s most treasured comedians.

Though, his talent does not just stop there. His success through stand up comedy afforded him more opportunities of networking with many talented actors and producers who noticed his natural flare for the stage. With support and encouragement to nurture this, he pursued a career in Hollywood. Starring among famous actors such as the popular singer Ice Cube; the hilarious comedian and actor Kevin Hart; the basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal; and renowned producer and actor Tyler Perry, in celebrated movies and television series such as Think Like A Man; Think Like A Man Too; Ride Along; and House of Payne, to name a few, Gary Owen’s talent and panache come alive!

Aired in January 2015, Gary Owen released a comedy special called I Agree With Myself, with was guaranteed to be a success from the start. With four movies to be released through 2015, including his latest movie, Get Hard, Gary Owen’s movies showcase the talent of this well accomplished comedian and actor. Gary has some 40 shows under his belt, with the ongoing future probability of more hilarious comedies to hit our screen, still growing.


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