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Standing at 5 feet 3 inched tall, Greta Van Susteren is a television personality born in 11 th June 1954 in Appleton, Wisconsin, United States. She was born in Appleton, Wisconsin and has one Sister Lise and Brother Dirk Van Susteren. Lise is a Forensic Psychiatrist in Bethseda Maryland. Lise was also in 2006 candidate for democratic nomination for United States senate. While her brother Dirk was for long time the editor of Vermont Sunday until 2008.

Education Background

Greta studies in Xavier High school in Appleton and graduated in 1972. She joined University of Wisconsin-Madison and graduated with bachelor’s degree 1976, while in University she studied geography and economics but received distinction in economics. In 1979 she also received J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center which enabled her to work in Georgetown Law as an adjunct faculty member. Also she awarded honorary doctorate degree from Stetson Law School.

Career Experience

Before joining television, Greta  worked in the law as a trial attorney where she argued cases in federal appellate courts and supreme courts she has also authored a chapter on witness and client representation. Greta worked as an adjunct professor at the Law Center from 1984 to 1999.

Her career in television which has span for decades started in January 2002 in Fox News Channel as host for prime-time news interview program and this programme was the highest rated cables news in its timeslot. Greta was once named by 99th influential person in the world. This was mainly due to her association with world most prominent personalities in her show. During her career Van Susteren interviewed very powerful individuals such as Presidents Bill Clinton, President George Bush, secretary of state Hillary Clinton, senator Barack Obama, Secretaries of defense Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates among other prominent members of the cabinet, congress leaders, and spiritual leaders such as Billy Graham.

Apart from interviews Van Susteren is a well travelled person she has been to countries such as; North Korea, India, ISRAEL, Germany, Sudan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia which enabled to cover international news stories and understand and appreciate different cultures and political systems in the world. Also she has interviewed entertainment and sports personalities like Ozzy, Gary Sinise, Katherine McPhee, Kim Kardashian, Mike Tyson among many others. Prior to her joining FNC IN 1991 she worked in CNN prime-time as legal analyst and also co-hosted legal program. Van Susteren maintains active social media life and engages with her funs daily in her blog GretaWire which she exchanges idea and gets to share her views with the public.

Personal Life

Greta Van Susteren Married John Coale a lawyer and self proclaimed ambulance chaser who was later known as “Bhopal Coale” for his involvement in solicitation of customers from the Bhopal disaster victims. Their marriage of long time is happy although there were romours of divorce. Greta earns about $1.3 million per year with total networth of $35 million dollars.


Van Susteren co-authored My Turn at the Bullypulpit; straight talk about the things that drive me Nuts.

Social Media

Greta active in Twitter with 1, 734 follow, 83.9k tweets, 658k followers and 144 likes. In her blog GretaWire she maintains regular updates of events and news. Greta also has facebook account with many fans and she uses it to engage with them.


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