Heather Childers

Heather Childers has not only anchored news programs, she has also written some books and journals. The 46 year old news anchor was born on 7th of January, 1969 in North Carolina; however, she presently resides in New York. She graduated from Myers Park high school in 1987 and completed her Bachelor’s degree at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1991.  Heather has numerous fans because of her natural beauty; in 1993 she won the Miss Charlotte award.

Heather joined the Fox News in the year 2010, and she has been involved in some controversies – at the age of 16 she was reported to have crashed her Chevrolet Corvair in 1964, and went under some facial surgery and oral re-construction after the accident.  Heather Childers’ career took a positive turn when she completed a degree in English at the University of North Carolina. In 1992, she began her professional career with WCNC-TV in the state of Charlotte as a reporter and producer, and in 1995 she became a weekly anchor and news director at WFXL – a Fox affiliate company located in Albany , Georgia. In 2002, Heather became a News anchor for News 14, an organization located in Georgia, where she worked for 8 years . In 2010 , Heather became a general assignment reporter for Fox News.

Heather is one of the four rotating hosts of the popular Fox News Chanel program where she hosts Fox and Friends,  and other co-hosts for the program include; Ainsley Earnhardt, and Heather Nauert.  In April 2012 Heather Twitted a controversial message involving President Barack Obama and the Clinton family- the tweet almost cost her , her job , and in 2014, She mistakenly referred to Connecticut Huskies as the NAACP winners- She seems to be a great personality that will always attract some controversies.

Heather Childers has won numerous awards, including The Readers choice award for the best news anchor and Best Newscast, in 1990 – the award was  given to her by the Albany Herald, The 1993 Miss Charlotte Mecklenburg in 1993, and the Miss Carolina Preliminary winner. She has had some brief modeling activities while she was growing up in high school and college, however, her passion for journalism did not give her much time to pursue a professional career in modeling.

Heather Childers is a private person, and she has done so much to keep her private affairs from the public privy eyes, she is still not married even though she is well over the age of 40. Unlike many other celebrities, Heather seem to have little relationship with men , however she has been seen with lots of children and women. Just like many other celebrities Heather Childers has also had few surgeries to enhance her body figure. 


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