Heather Nauert

Heather Nauert is a very much popular and noted name of the modern television industry of America. She is mostly seen on Fox News Channel and generally we see her acting as news anchor in the Fox & Friends as well as the Fox and Friends First.

Career We mostly know her as a Fox News anchor, but Heather previously has also worked as a journalist for the First Business. Not only this, Heather Nauert has also worked in other departments like as government relationship adviser tax, health also insurance that is related with social security in Washington D.C. She is a brave woman and never hesitates in mentioning the truth. Her confident style and way of news delivery is very much popular and manages to win the attention of masses in a convincing fashion. If you put a look at her work record it will become apparent that she has many strong achievements to her name like she was very much involved in the Iraq elections also her discussions related with 11th September attacks were very much popular and significant among masses. She is intelligent, cute also very much dedicated towards her work and this is the main reason present behind the fan following, which she has. This beautiful lady newscaster was born in the month of January in 1970 in IIIinois United States and currently she is married to Scott Norby and is proud mom of two beautiful children. She holds a Masters degree in journalism.

She has many awards and recognitions to her name because her skills and talents always manage to impress the masses. You can estimate her level of skill by the fact that she was also selected for the prestigious Emmy Award for her role in the popular 13 Around the World.

Popular shows She was also associated with ABC NEWs and was seen as a part of many popular shows such as Good Morning America, World News Tonight and the Nightline. After sometime she returned to the earlier channel in 2007 and since then she acted in the form of a cost-host for the show Big Story. Other prominent shows in which she was seen are as follow

Good Day New York

Good Day Early Call

Good Day New York Wake Up

Personal details You have to admit that she is a bright woman who is beautiful and possesses perfect body and measurements. She is 44 years of age, but looks very much young and fans like her also because she has a wonderful personality. Heather has a love for travelling and is wife of Scott Norby who works in the form of an investment banker. She is living a perfect wedding life because both partners love and respect each other. She gave birth to her first child in the year 2009 and her second baby was born in the year 2010. In short, she is a wonderful lady who acts as the perfect reflection of a confident and well educated modern woman of this age.


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