Hosea Chanchez

Hosea Chanchez is a very much popular face of American industry that needs no special introduction. He is mostly famous for his amazing roles in “For Your Love” and in the popular show The Game. He was born on 12th September 1981 in Montgomery Alabama United States and he has spent major part of his early life in the region of Atlanta.

He was fortunate in a sense that his family was very much supportive and encouraged his talents. Chanchez was also very much quick in recognizing his talents and by the age of 10 he was very much clear about the fact the he always wanted to be an actor. After his graduation from high school he decided to move towards Hollywood. His initial days were full of struggle and like most of the young actors he had to face a rough time. He worked as a car salesman and took benefit from free time for learning the basics and other tasks which actors have to do. He worked hard with commitment and dedication. He polished his acting skills all along and was successful in finding an agent and soon after this his career took a positive turn and soon he was a part of a number of commercials.

Since the year 2006 Chanchez has been playing a popular role in the TV show The Game, the name of his character is Malik EL Debarge Wright and Wendy Raquel Robinson is his costar. The show is a huge success and has provided the career of Chanchez a great lift.

The most appealing aspect of the personality of this actor is that along with acting he has also focused upon development of a popular non-profit institution Watch Me Win which is all about bringing a positive change in the live of urban youth via mentorship, encouragement and development of leadership. This shows that he is such a nice human being who wants to bring a positive influence in the life of modern youth. He understands that as an actor he has a strong influential power and it should be used in a positive sense. Chanchez is very much dedicated towards this organization, but apart from this he has a strong love for painting, music and reading not only this he calls himself a foodie and admires food and you can always consult him for getting consultations related with the best and most convincing restaurant recommendations. You will be excited to know that he himself is a cook and is very good at making some yummy delights. However, he doesn’t allows his love for food effect his health and proper shape and moves with a fit routine, which includes regular visits to gym.

Some of his popular appearances are being mentioned below

Rich Quick

The Outsider

My Brother

96 Minutes

Chanchez is a great actor who has the charm to impress masses, but apart from this he is a very good human being and this is the most promising aspect related with his personality.


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