jamie little

Jamie Little has gain name as a reporter, she is not only a reporter but have stunning personality from her style of reporting to her personality, all is awesome. Jamie little, was born in the month of April in 1978, with an American nationality. She reports for NASCAR coverage on Fox, as a pit reporter she has built her own name owing to her hardwork.she started her career as a pit reporter in 1998.little is native tocalifornia and with her pit reporting capabilities she is also famous for writing editing ,hosting and emceeing, when she turned 21 her interest in sports reporting was at its peak ,1999 she did awesome job in racing reporting with Moto and supercross.Little has completed her career of 13 years in fox NASCAR in its 2015 season, she has a lifetime knowledge related to racing and she is also responsible for organizing different events throughout the year ,little was the first female reporter for the fox ,she got the honor to first cover super cross and Moto as the first female, she is also the one lady in the history who reported in X games!

Her bio tells that she was still in college when she started to report on various motor sports. She is always admire by her colleagues and boss, production and executive producer of fox sports says that Jamie is a huge addition in fox fold .he further admires her by saying that she has a versatile personality her way of presentation and reporting is always down to earth, she is going to do great with fox sports. On the other hand little is always grateful to the opportunity of representing fox.

This was all related to her career but outside this she is also successful lady, her courage, ambition has no match, while a smiling face and her confidence she took heart of many, she is also a writer, her book name is Essential Car Care for Women which is released in 2013, more over her name is included in the game title as MX World Tour Featuring Jamie Little” ,she has also done a feature film in which she did a cameo role in 2005.one of the famous movie ‘fantastic four” is all time favorite movie for the fans of little. In another movie she appeared with Channing Tatum.

In social networking sites like twitter and face book she has huge number of fan following, her total number of fan followers is 88.5 thousand, from this her worth is proved as a reporter and a beautiful person, her admires and fans, all because of her hard work and good ambition she has earned a good name as well huge amount of money.

Little holds a degree of journalism, she is currently living in Las Vegas, the super sexy and hot journalist is living a well satisfied happy life with her husband and a son. She was committed in a relationship with her boyfriend Cody Selman, so after the success of affair they both decided to get married, little got married to Cody Selman in 2010, perfection goes with little, and she is decent, talented and lived a well organized life

You may follow her on Twitter at @JamieLittleTV.


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