jay harrington

James H. Harrington III was born on 15th November, 1971 in Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA. He was raised in Massachusetts and he attended the same high school that Bell jar the author of Sylvia Plath did. The high school which he went to was Wellesley High School. For further studies Jay went to Syracuse University to study theatre. He also taught Drama to the Masters classes in Syracuse University. Later on he took stage acting as a profession and did acting on stage and screens too. He started his career with acting in children’s theatre Cape Mod, MA.

Jay is a attractive man, with height above 6 feet, dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is famous for his role in the film American Reunion (2012), Anywhere but Here, Catalina Trust, A little inside, Partners, Octopus (2000) and Better off Ted, a comedy series (March 2009 to January 2010). He has played many roles in variety of dramas, screen plays and movies. Harrington has been featured as Dr. Simon O'Keefe on the WB drama Summerland, FBI Special Agent Paul Ryan on FOX's short-lived The Inside, and Steve on NBC's version of Coupling, where he played the lead role. He appeared in a recurring role on the police drama series The Division. His has also had roles on A.U.S.A., The Shield, Time of Your Life, Private Practice, and Burn Notice.

He has also played a role in the 4th season of TV comedy series Hot in Cleveland. In 2014, he also co stared the short lived comedy series Benched, on aired on USA Networks. In 2006 he acted as Dr. Ron Mc Cready in the drama Desperate Housewives. He was starred as Jack in Boy’s Life, also appeared in Barefoot in the Park and Tony Tina’s wedding, these both came under the banner of Broadway productions.

In Better off Ted, Jay’s character has to have constant stubble on his face and to play this role he watched the characters of Paul Rudd in clueless and Jack Lemmon in Some Like it Hot. Jay has his peculiar interests like he once said that if he would be asked to come as a guest star in any show he would like to come on the show Rescue and Me. And if he would be given a chance for guest appearance in movie or serial he would like to play the role of a villain

Jay is open about his likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests. He says that two of his favorite TV serials are Brotherhood and The Wire. And during his free time when he is not busy on shoots he like to relax and enjoy that free time. He watches Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, How I Met Your Mother and private practice. Jay wants to keep his personal life a secret. The information about his affairs, girlfriend and dating is not known till date

Currently Jay Harrington lives in Los Angeles, and he is a sports fan. He has joined a private celebrity basketball league named Entertainment League in 2009. He also plays part time in ice hockey team. There is very limited information available on net about his parents, family or married life. 


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