Jaymee Sire

In the summer of 1980, August 25th, parents, Dennis and Wendy Sire, welcomed to the world their bouncy baby girl, Jaymee Sire, in their home town in Montana, Great Falls.

On first glance, the beautiful 34 year old, Jaymee Sire, immediately reminds us of any television series that depicts the typical sweet looks of the girl next door with her glowing smile, fit for television.

This talented rising television personality started her career by taking her education head-on at the Washington State University, where she was also president of the Kappa Delta sorority. Whilst completing her territory education, she enhanced her talent and experience by becoming a reporter and news anchor for the universities very own WSU Cable 8. Her efforts paid off when she received a Judith Walker Award for Outstanding Senior Woman in Broadcasting in year 2002. Her first winning step in her career!

Upon her graduation from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication, she worked hard yet smart to get her career to where it currently stands. Having progressed through networks such as KFMB in San Diego and CSN Bay Area in California, Jaymee Sire was building her empire of awards. In 2004, Sire won the RTNA Golden Mike Award for the Best Sports Feature Reporting. In 2007, she achieved the Pacific Southwest Emmy Award for Best Sports Story; and the list goes on.

Not only did Sire present sports shows, but she also produced and hosted the show A Day in the Life: Tim Lincecum, which was aired on Comcast SportsNet. In 2013, Sire joined the well known ESPN where she debuted as an anchor for the program Highlight Express. Unfortunately the show had to end but that opened the door her current position at Sports Center.

Jaymee Sire, the multi-talented Emmy Award winner, doesn’t only have a passion for sports presenting, but also a natural flair for food. She has her own food blog so popular that she even has a sandwich named after her called the Jaymee Sirewich. Her blog, eisforeat.com, isn’t just restricted to her favorite recipes for flavorful food and colorful cocktails, which inspire the creative budding chef in each of us to get down and dirty in the kitchen, skilled or not, but showcases her travels around the world, which surely make us drool in awe, and also her categorized restaurant picks for those great dining-out days.

Jaymee Sire’s quick wit and talented way with words has perfectly assisted her through all of her wonderful adventures and conquers and has definitely promoted her to be the well known presenter that she is known to be today. She is undoubtedly taking the world by storm with elegance and pure finesse.


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