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Jemele Juanita Hill is an American columnist. She is associated with ESPN, one of the leading sports news channel in time. She has been working for the channel since 2006 and has done coverage of many important sports events like the 2004 Summer Olympics and the NBA Playoffs. She has appeared in various television programs and on October 22. 2009, she became the 2nd ever women to appear on the show “Around The Horn”.

Biography Hill was born on December 21, 1975 in Detroit, Michigan, and is of black ethnicity.She started education in Mumford High School. She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in journalism and a minor in Spanish.After winning the 1st Annual McKenzie Cup in 2007, she was honored by Michigan State University as The Rising Alumni of the year.

Career Hill joined ESPN in November 2006 as a national columnist on She makes regular appearances on television, including Sports Center and several ESPN programs like ESPN First Take, Outside the Lines and The Sports. She now hosts the show “His or Hers” with co-host Michael Smith.

Accomplishments ·  In 2007, she won the 1st Annual McKenzie Cup at the annual Poynter Media Summit and also received an honorable mention in 2007 edition of The Best American Sports Writing.

·  In 1998, she won 1st place in sports feature writing at the North Carolina Press Association.

·  In 2014, she served as the grand marshal for the Michigan State University homecoming parade.

Controversies ·  Hill was suspended from her post during the 2008 NBA Playoffs, when she referred Adolf Hitler in an article about the then-champions Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons. And later supported his critic with commenting that she hate Celtics. The comment generated a negative response and was then taken out shortly after. She was suspended for a week, and issued an apology through ESPN.

·  In 2009, she made a comment comparing University of Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball couch to Charles Manson, which again generated a negative response and she later apologized to the university.

·  In 2009, she accused Sammy Sosa, a baseball player of being racist just for using skin crème that made his complexion fair.

When Jemele Hill was just a child she had  great interest in writing short stories which involved rich lawyers .Her interests sought a bit more realism and she decided to become a sports writer and her dreams became further limpid when she got incorporated into a high school journalism program. Her constant struggles weren’t met with equal expectations in the beginning and failure always followed her through her every step but her perseverance certainly paid off after years of hard work when she got a break in ESPN.

Her love life isn’t that active and she hasn’t been betrothed in holy matrimony yet and doesn’t have children. It was rumored that she was dating a coworker but she refuted those claims by clearing it up that she was in fact dating the highly famous Idris Elba. She currently resides in DC.


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