Jen Carfagno

Jennifer Carfango is the American meteorologists who currently works for“Weather Channel TWC”. Carfango is currently co-hosting the “Weather View”,in cooperation with Eric Fisher. She had developed her interest in meteorology since early childhood. After graduating from college, she moved on to her first internship in the field of meteorology. 

She is currently a well-known meteorology broadcaster, with a rich base of fans. She is married, and has two daughters. Carfango prefers to keep details of her private life to herself, which is the reason very little facts about her life have emerged to surface. Her fans, are, however, welcome to pick-up on bits and pieces of her activities through her social media profiles.

Carafango had begun her professional as the intern for network TWC. On this post, Carfango had anchored the weather program by the name“Weather View”with a co-anchor Eric Fisher.

Carafango nurtured the passion for the meteorology ever since early age, as she was inspired by the weather channel as well as other local weather channels in the state of Philadelphia. 

Carafango is currently married and a mother to two daughters, the older named Kelly and younger named Natalie. She currently lives in Atlanta, GA with her family.

Carafango grew up in town Collegeville, PA. she  hasgraduated from Perkiomen Valley High School in 1994. After that, Carafango had attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she had earned a bachelors degree in the field of meteorology, in 1998.

Carfango is characterized as an appearance of athletic build and impressionate looks. She has grew a significant fan-base, apparently attracted by her charm and appearance on television. Allegedly, Carfango is quite harmonious in her appearance, with her height complementing her figure, which has contributed to her gaining more and more attention on television throughout time.

On the list of Carafango’s interests and hobbies are photography and travelling. She characterizes herself as being an adventurous personality. She frequently practices sports activities, such as running, to keep her fit and release from stress.

Carafango also grows an interest in ecology. She is active and devoted to spreading social awareness on the all activities related to the protection of the environment. She has been involved in student lecturing, with organizing lectures and discussions for young students on matters of environment protection.

Carafango has been awarded for her successful work. She has been honored with an award called “Robert O. Cole” in the year 1997. The award came for her work. She is also connected with the society “Chi Epsilon Pi Honor”.

Carfango has build a large fan base. She has numerous fans following her and her social media profiles.

With her interest in meteorology growing as she grew as a young child, it was no surprise that Carfango managed to build her career in the field she was always passionate about. With a lot of hard work and passionate devotion, she had succeeded, not only to build a career in her area of expertise, but also to perform as an activists in the activities of environment protection.


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