Jeremy Wade

Born on March 23, the year 1956, Jeremy Wade is a well-known British author and a television presenter. Wade has made his career researching and reporting about fishing.

This British author of many books devoted to angling is best known for starring in his own television series “River Monsters” and “Jungle Hooks”.

Ever since he lived on the banks of Suffolk’s River Stour, in East Anglia, Wade came to develop an interest for fishing.

Back in 1982, he visited Mountain Rivers in India, which was his first international trip. At that time, Wade was only 26 years old, but he still carried on traveling around the world and exploring rare fish species. He moved on to travelling to rain forests of Amazon, where he worked alongside local fisherman to capture different kinds of fish. His career revolved around reporting all over the world, in his quest for interesting and rare fish species. He was fishing alongside local people in the countries he visited, such as Kongo (Africa).

In 1992, Wade co-authored his first published book, titled “Somewhere Down the Crazy River”, joining Paul Boote.

In his book, “River Monsters”, Wade reveals all details of his long trip around the world. The book features his hunt and journey experiences.

After covering the episode “Vampires of the deep” in his show “River Monsters”, Wade made his first acting appearance in the movie “Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys”, released in 2014.

Jeremy Wade grew up in Suffok, England. After graduating Bristol University and gaining his zoology degree, Wade moved on to gain the postgraduate teaching certificate at the Kent University. The certificate was in the field of biological sciences. After attending University education, Wade devoted himself to teaching. He became a biology teacher, in the secondary school in Kent.

Jeremy Wade has led an exciting life. Due to the nature of his work, he has travelled frequently. Along with his travel, he experienced some rather adventurous icidents.

At one point, during his trip to Thailand, Wade was suspected and detained as a spy. Luckily, the incident cleared without any complications.

Wade has also caught Malaria during his trip to Congo and was treated by local townspeople.  During his numerous worldwide trips and quests, Wade has also been shot and survived a plane crash. Back in 2005, Wade and his crew survived a plane crash during their trip to a fishing quest.

His adventures were described in details in his authored books.

Fluent in many languages, Jeremy Wade is a connoisseur of Portuguese, Spanish and French.

Wade currently lives Bath, Summerset, UK. Other than fishing, his professional interests also include natural history, travelling, poaching investigation and fair trade.

Other than his published books, Wade has also published articles for many newspaper and magazines, with most significant being BBC Wildlife Magazine, Sunday Telegraph, The Times, Guardian and The Field.


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