Jim Cantore

Jim Cantore is America's famous meteorologist. He covered most major weather events. He is exceptionally active in charity work for organizations fighting Parkinson’s disease and Fragile X syndrome.

Jim Cantore was born in Beacon Falls, Connecticut and grew up in White River Junction, Vermont. He graduated from college in 1986, gaining a meteorologist bachelor's degree from Lyndon State College. In his personal life, Cantore is devoted to fighting against Parkinson’s disease and Fragile X syndrome.

His first post was for The Weather Channel. Cantore remained to work for the network to this day.

Cantore was noted to have the talent for simplifying complicated weather terms in the way that is understandable to the average viewer.

Cantore is by far best known for covering major weather disasters, such as hurricanes Sandy, Irene, Bonnie, Mitch, Floyd, Katrina, and Gustav.

He initially worked for TWC on developing the Fall Foliage Forecast, which was very popular with the audience. Cantore went on to report extraordinary events, some of them being the launch Space Shuttle, the "Winter X Games," the PGA tournaments, NFL games coverage, and many more.

Cantore holds membership for the National Weather Association, as well as the American Meteorological Society.

During his long and established career, Cantore earned the AMS Television Seal of Approval. In 2002, he was also awarded the "NOAA-David S. Johnson Award". The award was for his „innovative use of environmental satellite technology“

In the TWC series „Storm Stories“, Cantore regularly appears as a narrator.

Since 2008, After working for NBC Universal's acquisition of The Weather Channel, Cantore sometimes appears on „The Today Show“, where he fills in for Al Roker.

Cantore also reported weather segments during Summer Olympics in 2012, in London.

He was involved in a physical incident in 2014, while he was doing a live report at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, student named Colin Marcelli charged at Cantore, who had noticed the charge, and defended himself by kneeing Marcelli in the stomach. The video of the incident grew rather popular on, counting over two million views.

Cantore also appeared in his network's video called „ItsAmazingOutThere“, created by The Weather Channel. The video gained viral popularity and currently counts over 4.1 million views.

Can6tore's personal life has been marked with the struggle against life-threatening illness. Jim got married to Tamara Cantore, his co-worker at TWC. The couple welcomed their first daughter Christina in 1993. Their son, Ben, was born in 1995. Tamra has been struggling with Parkinson's disease. Both of the couple's children have Fragile X syndrome. Jim and Tamra divorced in 2009. his personal situation has driven him into social activism. Cantore is active with promoting charity work for both diseases. He supports FRAXA, the Fragile X Research Foundation. He also supports Parkinson’s Unity Walk. Cantore regularly contributes to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. He helps their events around the country. Cantore has also ingaged as a celebrity cabinet member with the American Red Cross.

It is undeniable that Jim Cantore is a man of multiple talents. He has expressed both physical and mental abilities at his professional post, which caused his audience to remain faithful to him throughout the years.


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