Jim Hoffer

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Jim Hoffer’s full name James Patrick Hoffer, he joined the Eyewitness News Investigative Team of Channel 7. From that time, the work he does changed in different ways and this lead to the imprisonment of the corrupt people and the sweeping of the changes in the security for both the federal and state levels. In his broadcast career, he had been awarded the Emmy award many times. He was given National Edward R. Murrow Award as honor for his investigative reports for his series about the Con. Ed, a huge utility company. Jim also got the Prestigious DuPont Award from Columbia University when he exposed the lax security at the naval bases of the nation.

Jim Hoffer did undercover investigation and his forced the Lawmakers of New York in closing the loophole of the state’s gun show.  He reported about the aviation mishap and his led to the congressional hearings about stricter English testing on the foreign airline pilots. The Connecticut Legislature had to change the state law about the mental competency when it comes to stand trial because of some reports. This led to the arrest and to the re-arrest with the imprisonment of a convicted murderer.

Jim Hoffer has a flourishing TV career and his mother is Patricia Hoffer who worked for Lititz, Pa. He is a graduated in the Temple University and also a husband to Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC.  They got married in 1993 and he was working for WTNH-TV, which is the affiliate of ABC at New Haven. The couple has two daughters together.

Jim Hoffer met with his wife when they were working at the fox station of Hartford in Connecticut. His wife says that this was a big break and Hoffer was working as a star investigative reporter and was her future husband.

The wife of Jim was described like the daughter of the Washington Royalty. She is the daughter to the ex national security adviser of President Jimmy Carter. His father was also a professor in Nitze School of Advanced International of Johns Hopkins University, and a counselor for Center of Strategic and International studies.  Her mother is Mary and she worked as sculptor. Jim Hoffer and his wife have successful careers in media industry and the wife reached high stardom status with the co-host Joe Scarborough. She has more followers on twitter account compared to these of his husband.  Their marriage that lasted two decades, it makes them the best couple.

Jim Hoffer and Mika bought a 1920, English Tudor-style house from Bronxville. When it came to revamp the dark and outdated abode, she had to turn to Larry Burns and he gave her a fresh and contemporary look where the family can live an enjoyable and entertaining life. She said that the first thing that attracted her to the home, are big rooms because she likes space.  The house includes mementos and family photos such as when her father was playing chess together with Menachem Begin at the Camp David Peace Accord.  She said that such personal details are used to make the house vibrant.


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