Jon Gruden

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Jon Gruden is known for his coaching skills for NFL, most of the football fans know him as “Chucky”. He is known to be one the toughest coach of the football. He has an aggressive approach towards the game and for the same reason he has that kind of attitude that is required to build up a good football team.

He has an honor to win super bowl while he coached his team at the age of thirty-nine. No one other than Jon was able to win the  super bowl for any team at such young age as coach. He loved football from the childhood. His father served as assistant coach at Indiana University for more than five years. He was always passionate about the football, at the school level he played football, basketball and baseball. In the year 1994, he became the offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles. After getting enough experience from different clubs, he polished his professional skills with different teams and got lots of respect.

In the year 1991, Chucky started dating Cindy Brooks. Cindy Brooks and Jon Gruden were college mates and Cindy became her girlfriend during the college year.  Same year Jon proposed Cindy and they got married. Cindy and Jon are lucky enough to have three children’s. Jon Gruden and Cindy are happily married for more than 25 years. Once asked about the secret of the relationship Jon Gruden replied that if both husband and wife trust each other, the relationship last longer.

He completed his graduation from university of Dayton, Ohio and soon after the graduation, he started his coaching career. At the university level he played as a quarterback for the football team for more than three years.  Soon after the graduation he was appointed by the University of Tennessee asa graduate assistant. Serving more than two years at the university, he resumed his career at the institutional level in the year 1991.

Jon also worked as passing game coordinator with Southeast Missouri State. University of Pacific hired him as wide receivers coach. That was the time when he lifted his coaching standards and become the head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

From 2002 to the year 2008, he was the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 2009 the contract between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the head coach ended. After 2009, he started working with ESPN and took the responsibilities as a  color analyst.

Recently Gruden has signed a contract with ESPN, the contract started in 2012 and it is expected to end at the end of the 2017. Good news for Gruden fans is that the contract is protracted between Gruden and ESPN and now he expected to be with ESPN till 2021.

His annual salary is still unknown but it is estimated that the net annual worth will definitely surpass millions of dollars.


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