Jonathan Loughran

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Jonathan Loughran was born in the year 1966 in the United States of America. He is about 6'feet 4"inches tall, roughly 1.93 meters. There is nothing much about his family or siblings on internet, but there is information that Loughran is a cousin to Beth Brown of Hitchen's Farms in Hockessin, DE. He is also the nephew of a renowned boxer, who is the former world champion named Tommy Loughran. Today, Loughran is famously known as an American actor.


Loughran went through a formal education system in Archbishop Ryan High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the U.S. He was pretty keen in class and his grades were not bad. He successfully worked hard and passed his exams, completing his years in high school successfully. He decided to pursue his acting career and moved from his home place to New York. It is uncertain whether he attended college for any film and acting studies.


After finishing high school, Loughran started his journey in acting at New York. It was of course a struggle to make a name in the industry that has many actors competing for the same. However, Jonathan seemed to have been good at it those days and he played roles in a number of movies.

His most remarkable role was in the movie Big Daddy, which was released in the year 1999. In this film, Jonathan played out as a Cross-Eyed character, a challenging role for him to play but which he really shined at. Although there are many criticisms about Hollywood mocking people with such deformities, the talk seems to have had no gross negative effect on such people.

Some of his famous movies include Bulletproof released in 1996, Kill Bill: Vol 2 in 2004, Kill Bill: Vol 1 in 2003 and 50 First Dates in 2004.

As at 2015, it is estimated that Loughran has acted in more than 33 movies. He has worked with big companies with a good reputation world-wide such as Box Office.

Some of his current movies that have gone viral include Blended, released in 2014 and Grown-Ups 2 released in 2013.

It is reported that during his acting career, he has never appeared in any shirtless roles. However, he loves taking shirtless photos with his friends. He has never also appeared in any TV series and actually seems to have no intentions.

One of the most remarkable things that Jonathan has achieved in his career is to make friends with Adam Sandler, a renowned actor. In most of his movies, he plays as his personal assistants. They also have a great friendship, which started after they met each other through Allen Covert, a good buddy of Sandler.

Personal life

Loughran lives in Los Angeles, California in U.S. he is not yet married and has no biological or adopted children. There are no rumors of him having a girlfriend, the reason why some people think he is fit to play gay roles. His net worth is estimated to be $6 million dollars He is a party lover and likes to travel.


Jonathan Loughran is a talented actor with great acting skills. He is a fun person and loves having fun. You can follow him on social media and look up his photos online.


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