Joseline Hernandez

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Joseline Hernandez appears in the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta show. She has created a stir over the internet from the time that she started with her reality show. She is 34 years old, she is an aspiring rapper and grew up in Miami. She is believed to use more than just one name and it is said that she used to perform under Shenellica Bettencourt.  According to her bio at VH1, at a time, she used to be a personal trainer and a stripper and she was among the strippers who got involved into the scandal of Adam Pacman in Las Vegas in the year 2007. There are always rumors that say that she is a man instead of a woman. They say that in reality, she is called Joseph but she denied this and she had to tweet a photo of herself naked to prove herself. In 2003, she was arrested for Lascivious and lew behavior when she was at South Beach.

Many people try to know more about the Spanish she uses and it was found out that she is from Puerto Rico. Joseline Hernandez is the American-Latina rapper and she is best known as the wife for Stevie J. She became famous because of VH1. She was born in 1986 in Puerto Rico and came to Miami when she was 10 years old. She became the wife of Stevie J in the year 2009 and they have a daughter together called Eva Giselle Jordan.  Her net worth is around 150,000 dollars.  Her weight is 56kg and her height is 1.67m. Her body measurements are 34-25-32.

Some people claims that Joseline Hernandez real name is Shenellica Bettencourt and that she is over 10 years older than what she claims to be.  When she was arrested in 2003, she was already 25 years old. Besides the controversies that she has to face, in reality, she is a bubbly woman and she is now living her dream of becoming actress and a singer. Regardless of what people think about her, she is a funny human being and she has the smartness that match her personality compared to what people give her the credit for. During the interviews, she talks about how she was raised as a poor person in the Puerto Rico, how she supported the family and how she met with Stevie J and her single song Bailar.

Joseline Hernandez has a website under and Bailar is a Spanish word that means dance.  She said that she is making sexy and beautiful music, she sings and raps in Spanish and everything is working well. The music is better and she calls it reggaeton. She met with Stevie J at a strip club where she was dancing.  They met through a mutual friend and he told her that she is ready to join the business. To Stevie, she says that he likes women but she is a gentleman to her. For stripping, she says that she joined because the family was struggling and they were a family of eight people, six children, her mother and her step father while one of the children had autism. She wanted to help her family to raise some money.


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