Joy Behar

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Joy Behar was born in 1942 in Brooklyn. She is active personnel on TV and she is actress, writer and comedian. She is the co-host of popular program: The View Broadcasted at ABC. She loved to be part of the industry when she was still young and she did a degree in the B.A and in the sociology and in the M.A. When she was still young, she taught English. She started to act in 1980s. She participated in the stand-up comedy for NBC and ABC. She did appear in different programs such as The New Show and in Good Morning America. She was in the Baby Room which was broad-casted by the NBC. She got more popularity when she started with The View on the ABC during the year 1997, she was a host for the program. For the program, she also got the Daytime Emmy Awards with other hosts of the show. 

Joy Behar appeared in the Larry King Live, the show of CNN. She was given the offer of becoming the Joy Behar Show’s host in the year 2009.  The show became a hit instantly and it was rated second for the programs of the network. She also appeared in another program called Joy Behar: Say Anything. In addition of the hosting ability, she was able to make the name within acting industry. She did appear in different theater production and she was the author for the Joy Shtick that had been published in the year 1999. She did appear in the movie called Hall Pass where she played Dr Lucy and it premiered during the year 2011.

Even if she is 71 years old, she is still active. When she was still young, she was among the hottest TV personality. She still looks hot with sexy legs that captivated different people when she was younger. She still has the perfect body until now. She is American with ancestors from Italy. She speaks Italian fluently.  Her husband is Joseph Behar and they got married in the year 1965, in 16 years of the marriage, they divorced in the year 1981. They got a daughter together.  Her daughter gave her a grandson in 2011 and she became a grandmother. After her first marriage, she was involved with Steve Janowitz for a long period and they got married in the year 2011.

She is among the TV personalities who are very popular and she did spend at least a half of her life in the same sector. She had the network of 8 million and this includes 500 thousand dollars, as annual salary. She likes the children too much and she can be followed on the social network.  She has already many fans that follow her.

Joy Behar worked in other appearance like in The Vagina Monologues and The Food Chain. She has written the book about the humorous essay stories known as Joy Shtick, Does it Come With attachment or What Is The Existential Vacuum. She had written also a children’s book and she is known to incorporate her Italian culture in her comedy. 


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